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Q & A with TE Lars Anderson

Lars Anderson caught 10 passes for 71 yards as a junior

Lars Anderson caught 10 passes for 71 yards as a junior

April 7, 2011

Q&A with Lars Anderson

With one scrimmage in the books this past weekend, how has the team been progressing so far this spring?

The team as a whole is getting better with every practice, which is what spring ball is all about. Everyone knows what a great defense we have, but the offense around here has been a letdown at times to our team. This past weekend we scored six touchdowns on offense, which hasn't happened in a long time around here.

With the arrival of new offensive coordinator, Kevin Rogers, what can people expect to see out of the offense this upcoming season and how have the players responded?

Coach Rogers has brought a lot of excitement to the offense. Everyone knows his background with the Vikings and we expect it will be a lot of different formations, sets, and personnel groupings. The offensive players are buying in to his philosophy and we have the potential to be great next year.

The spring practices are often used as a time to develop the younger players on the team and work on the fundamentals with the upperclassmen, have any players caught the attention of the team and coaching staff with their performances so far?

I think Chase (Rettig) is really coming along well. He was thrown into the fire unexpectedly last season and played as well as a true freshman can. This year we expect him to be much more prepared mentally and physically. As a young player in general, and especially quarterback, the mental aspect is much more important than the physical tools. Overall, the upperclassmen are refining their skills and the younger players are following suit and improving each and every practice.

Some of the young offensive skill players were forced to step up this past season and take on a critical role in the offense. How much has the off-season helped these younger players develop and improve?

The off-season is the most critical part of the year because it prepares you for success or failure during the season. People saw how many plays our young guys made last year - and this was done virtually with no prior collegiate training. So, with a year under their belts to develop mentally and physically, it will greatly improve their game for the upcoming season.

It is often easy to take for granted the fact that BC will traditionally field a strong defense. With the loss of players like Alex Albright, Wes Davis and Mark Herzlich, how has the defense responded and performed so far?

Historically, our defense has always held its own - no matter who we have playing out there. Guys have gotten hurt and naturally guys have stepped up and haven't missed a beat. I think that in large part is due to Coach McGovern and the other defensive coaches preparing them like anything can happen. Superboy (Luke Kuechly) has those guys on point and is making sure everyone is buying in and doing what they need to do to be successful.

Going into your final year, what are some goals that you have set for yourself entering the upcoming season?

Our main goal is to win the ACC championship, that is our team goal every year and all of our hard work will hopefully culminate with this. For me personally, I am working hard each day to become more of a leader for the offense. Being one of the guys with the most experience I believe I need to show these younger guys the ropes and what it takes to succeed and how to get where we want to go.

What are some of the goals the coaches and players hope to accomplish this spring before moving forward into the summer and pre-season camp?

The spring is always about getting better. Everyone on the team gets the same number of reps so guys that don't get a lot during the fall can really show improvement in the spring. This is big for younger, unproven players because they can establish themselves for more playing time in the fall. Also, as I said before, our team has really lacked leadership so I am, along with some of the older guys, trying to take hold of this team and make sure we get to where we want to go.

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