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Q&A with Josh Bordner

Senior Josh Bordner, a quarterback in his first four seasons at Boston College, is excelling as a receiver this spring.

Senior Josh Bordner, a quarterback in his first four seasons at Boston College, is excelling as a receiver this spring.

April 2, 2014

A 6-foot-4, 226-pound product of Skysville, Md., senior Josh Bordner, a quarterback in his first four seasons at Boston College, is excelling in a new position for the Eagles this spring.  When BC takes the field for the team's Jay McGillis Memorial Spring Game on Saturday, April 5 at noon, Bordner will be lined-up as one of the team's receivers.  A versatile athlete who played three years of basketball and baseball at Century High School before enrolling early at Boston College in January 2010, Bordner has since earned his bachelor's degree in human development from the Lynch School of Education and is currently enrolled in the Carroll Graduate School of Management pursuing an MBA.  Bordner sat down with to discuss that and the 2014 spring season.

Tell us about the team's spring workouts up to this point.  What have you observed on the field, in the weight room and off the field?

"I think there's a ton of energy.  Having a good year last year really helped team morale.  I know that we are still looking for leadership and our senior and junior classes need to step up.  On the field, everyone is working hard.  There's great effort.  Everyone is really excited for next season."

What has the mentality among the players been this spring, knowing you'd like to build on the successes of last fall?

"Last year, we had a winning season.  Everyone is excited.  Everyone sees what we can become.  With our coaching staff, which drives us every day to be our best, everyone is excited to see where this team can go from here."

You're in your fifth year in the program.  You spent your first four years as a quarterback and have now changed positions to receiver.  How is the adjustment going?

"It's good.  I feel as though change is good sometimes.  I'm embracing it.  It's fun and I'm really enjoying it.  It's obviously a lot different.  It's something that when I wake up each day I'm looking forward to.  I'm looking forward to practice and getting better.  I'm having fun and it's noticeable for me that I'm enjoying it and looking forward to a great season."

As one of the more veteran players on the roster, do you feel a certain responsibility to fill leadership roles vacated by a skilled senior class? 

"I think it's pretty important, just to have someone for guys to look up to that will do the right things on and off the field.  As a team, we need to have leadership out of the senior and junior class.  We're still trying to get that.  Overall, there is some pressure to put myself out there to be a team leader and get the team rallied.  I'm up for it and embracing it."

You grew up in Maryland and played quarterback at Century High School.  Did you compete in other sports there?  If so, which ones and what positions did you play?

 "My sophomore year of high school, I played receiver on the varsity football team.  In terms of other sports, I played basketball and baseball as well for three years (I came to BC midway through my senior year).  In baseball, I was a pitcher and played first base.  In basketball, I was a power forward and played center."

How did you arrive at Boston College?  Was playing for BC something you had always envisioned?

"I never thought that I would play football in college.  I thought that I would play baseball.  After my junior year in high school, coaches started coming to talk to me and I realized it was something I could do.  I also knew that I wanted to go to a good academic school.  BC started talking to me and I just thought to myself `there's no other place I'd rather be.  There's great academics, there's opportunity to play in the ACC.  There's great competition.'  So, I'd say that academics was a big thing but also playing in a major conference had a big impact on me."

You've earned your undergraduate degree and are currently pursuing an MBA from the Carroll Graduate School of Management.  What has your BC experience meant to you thus far and going forward?

"It's been nothing but great, really positive.  I was in A&S [BC's College of Arts and Sciences] and transferred into the Lynch School [of Education], which was a little different but I liked it.  I liked working with people and kids and learning about psychology.  I was from Maryland and never really went out of state.  I really enjoyed it, and it's not really what I expected.  I've made a good group of friends and the whole experience has been really good."

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