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Addazio Signing Day Teleconference Transcript

Steve Addazio and Boston College football announced 30 signees on national signing day on Wednesday.

Steve Addazio and Boston College football announced 30 signees on national signing day on Wednesday.

Feb. 5, 2014

2014 Boston College Football Signees

Head Football Coach Steve Addazio Media Teleconference
February 5, 2014 - National Signing Day

Opening Remarks:
"We're at 30 total signees right now, two transfers from the University of Florida and five early enrollees. We have 12 states represented and 17 of the 30 incoming student-athletes are from our five-hour radius. Seven from Massachusetts, two from Connecticut, six from New Jersey, one from Rhode Island, two from Pennsylvania, five from Florida, two from Georgia, one from Michigan, one from Delaware, one from North Carolina, one form Maryland and one from Ohio.

"On offense, we signed three quarterbacks, three running backs, one running back/receiver, three wide receivers, one tight end and four offensive linemen. On defense: six defensive linemen, four linebackers, four defensive backs and one kicker. Twenty-four players were named all-state. We have a Gatorade Player of the Year in Darius Wade from Delaware. We had five players who won state championships and seven players who were invited to play in postseason all-star games.

"So I felt like we had a really good year from a position standpoint; a talent standpoint; a numbers standpoint and our footprint standpoint. I'm really excited about our class. I feel like we filled some real needs and it's a great group of guys. It's a class that is really tightly knit together. The parents are close and the kids are close. They understand Boston College. They are guys that want to get an elite degree and play major college football and be a part of a championship team. I really couldn't be happier."

On Sherman Alston being listed as a running back/wide receiver
"Sherman Alston of Saint Joe's Regional High school in New Jersey is just a heck of a player. He's a running back, a kick returner, he can play hybrid receiver in the slot who can motion into the backfield in a spread concept and give us some backfield tailback action. He is a dynamic athlete with great speed and a great change of direction."

On Darius Wade and Tyler Murphy at QB
"They're both really athletic guys. Both run the ball well and throw the ball well and both have great arms. Tyler is an older guy, a fifth-year player, and Darius is a mid-semester senior. Both those guys are really super guys who have leadership qualities and are dynamic athletes."

On Ian Silberman and Tyler Murphy (Transfers from Florida)
"Obviously Ian came in, he's a starting offensive lineman in the SEC and he comes in here with great experience. He gives us depth. It all starts up front for us on both sides of the ball. We have to be dominant on the offensive line, we proved that again last year. In order to keep that going we need depth, and obviously we have some very good offensive linemen already here, but you want to be able to have eight or nine guys that you can roll with. Ian brings great experience at a high level. Tyler [Murphy] comes in here and brings experience. He's a starting veteran quarterback at in a top conference. We lost a guy that had started a lot of games here, so we wanted to make sure we brought someone in here who has done it and has experience. He's a northeast guy. He's a BC guy. He probably should have been here right from the get go. I think he enjoys and loves the atmosphere and everything about BC. He grew up an hour and 15 minutes from here."

On being able to put in a full year of recruiting for this class
"This is our class. Last year we were able to bring in a couple guys, and I didn't really know those guys that well. We were fortunate that a handful of those guys are going to be really good players. We're lucky. This class we put a full year into and we know them really well. Anytime you sign 30 guys (that's a high number), you need to know them well because sometimes there are misses. There are some high-end players in this group. We're really going to build off of this. When we look at our team, we will have over 60 some odd players that make up this team. We are a very young football team. We are going to play some younger players, but that is a good thing. It will help us build for the future."

On RB's Jon Hilliman and Marcus Outlow
"We're talking about two big-time backs and I anticipate them playing right away. My mindset is to play this class. Does that mean everyone will play right away? No, but I want to play this class. I told them we'll get them in, get them playing, and build it for the future. There's some real talent in this class. You mention two guys who are dynamic players, both big running backs. We're still going to maintain a big, physical presence even though we'll have a little more of a spread component attached to us. We're not going lose our identity as a big, physical team but we'll be able to do it in a few different ways and add a bit of an option to the game. These guys are coming in to carry that rock and they'll be able to do that."

On if the team will change to a spread offense
"No. We have an identity and we'll keep it. Being big and physical and being able to run it, we won't lose that. We'll add some spread option components and use more spread sets in the throw game, we'll add that to it. We'll give the defense more conflict and make them defend the whole field more. How about Chase Rettig at the end of the year starting to use his feet a bit? You saw what that did for us. These are a couple guys who can move, they can run, and that in itself will open things up a bit."

On how realistic it will be to see these players on the field
"Extremely realistic. Connor Strachan, he is a big fast guy and we anticipate that he's going to be a heck of a player. He's a mature guy and he will be able to come in and help us right away. In the back end, Isaac Yiadom has really good speed. Ty Schwab is a guy that's all over the field. We have a marquee defense end here in Harold Landry. He is a blue-chip guy. He'll come off the edge for us. You'll see a large portion of these guys on the field quickly. The kicker Mike Knoll is a guy that's going to come in and challenge to play. Kamrin Moore, the defensive back fom Bishop O'Connell, is a dynamic player. Christian Lezzer is a throwback player. He plays all over the field and is tough and fast. I think we also increased our team speed with the class, we got some guys who can run, which is a good thing because we need that.

On Tyler Murphy mentoring the younger QBs
"You've got Troy Flutie and Darius Wade and Tyler Murphy. I'm just telling you. These guys are all talented guys. They all can run. They all have some real magic to them. I'm really excited about it right now. It's always good when you have a good older guy who can mentor the others about how to act and how to prepare."

On Troy Flutie and Darius Wade
"We had Troy in camp and he just had `it.' He has a knack for anticipating guys being open. He has an unbelievable confidence about him. He has a demeanor that has leadership to it and is a dynamic athlete. Coach Ryan Day puts them in a bit of a razzle dazzle and that's how you find out if he has that `it.' He's all there. Darius is already here and I'm really impressed by him. He's a big-time guy. He carries himself well and his leadership is incredible. I'm really pumped up about it."

On bringing in local recruits
"It was an emphasis for us. We want to make sure that we get the best players out of Massachusetts. I said that when I first got here and I'm sticking to it. We are going to make sure that we get guys like Jon Baker, who is going to be a big-time offensive lineman, and James Hendren, Connor Strachan, Troy Flutie and Isaac Yiadom. These are all the Massachusetts guys. I'm so fired about these guys. Kevin Bletzer out of Catholic Memorial, we really feel like he will be a hell of a football player. We feel great about that and as we move forward we are going to build a fence around Massachusetts. I talk about working from the inside out. Build it in Massachusetts and move out in 5 hour radius. That's our plan, we stuck to it, and we're going to continue to stick to it. Kevin Cohee, he's a great athlete. He's got great ability. He can play on either side of the football. That's exciting. Seven from Massachusetts, two from Connecticut, five from New Jersey, one from Rhode Island - that's that whole footprint we talked about.

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