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Postgame Quotes: Boston College vs. Virginia Tech

Nov. 17, 2012

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Boston College Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Frank Spaziani

"That was a tough loss. Congratulations to Virginia Tech. They made some plays to win the game. We had our chances. We had chances and weren't able to convert them. We came up on the short end."

"We had some plays that we didn't make. They threw a pass down the boundary, we were in position and they make the catch. They wind up kicking the field goal. In the course of a game there are a lot of plays that can turn the game around."

"All of that being said, the problems, we had a couple of chances to make plays and we didn't make it."

On the play of quarterback Chase Rettig
"We didn't help him very much on offense. He was scrambling a lot. He made some nice plays but there was too much pressure on him. He was 13-for-30. Kudos to Virginia Tech. They did a good job. We have to be better than that."

On the play of running back Rolandan Finch
"I thought Deuce was doing what Deuce is supposed to do. He did a good job. We are very happy for him and for us. It's always good to have a running game. Deuce was out of the game, he was injured and [Dave] Dudeck made the touchdown run."

On the last possession of regulation play
"There are a lot of factors that are involved in it. We ran the draw hoping we were going to get a good play on first down and we were going to up-tempo it. They could have made us punt, we could have thrown an incompletion, wound up punting, they kick a field goal, win the game and the game is over. We could have done some positive stuff. We were backed up and we felt our better chance was to go into overtime."

Junior QB Chase Rettig

Was that the most pressure you have seen all year?
"Definitely the most. We knew they were a big blitzing team, sometimes we were able to pick it up and sometimes we weren't."

Did you want to go for it with a minute remaining in regulation?
"I think you definitely want to go there but since we didn't have a great return before that possession, it was tough. A lot of times the decision on whether or not you go there depends on the quality of the kickoff return. Every competitor wants the ball but it was a smart decision to play for overtime there. We were tied at that point, I don't think that decision had an impact on the game."

Can you describe the overtime drive?
"The first play we didn't get many yards with the run and the second play they got pressure, so I was just trying to get past the line of scrimmage. The fourth down play we had a deep in-cut planned for Alex [Amidon] but their defenders all went to him. I felt like since a lot of their guys went to Alex, I thought David [Dudeck] had a chance to make it to the first down marker."

Junior RB Rolandan Finch

Thoughts on your production after missing a good portion of the season?
"I'm just happy to be out there with my teammates. Last week I was so excited to get back out there and I thought I played pretty well, so I was happy. This week, the offensive line did a great job opening holes and all I had to do was just hit them."

Can you describe your emotions over this frustrating season for yourself?
"There is nothing I could really do besides going out and practice hard. All I can do is make sure I have the right attitude, practice hard, and show that I want to be out there."

Senior LB Nick Clancy

How tough was this game to take?
"It doesn't get much worse than that being the last home game, to fight that hard until the very end only to come up short. It hurts, we prepare the same for every game but I really wanted this one bad. I just wanted to end on a good note and walk away from my last game at BC with victory."

Did you expect this performance out of yourself given that you missed practices this week?
"I felt fine to play, we did the necessary concussion protocol and by time Thursday rolled around, I felt good to go."

On blowing up a fourth down play in the first half...
"It was one of those times where you have that intuition inside of you that you know what play is coming. That's what happened there, just kind of felt it given the situation."


Head Coach Frank Beamer

On today's win and his team's determination...
"First thing I want to do is give Boston College a lot of credit. I think that they played tough and hard. For us, last week after the game, we talked about fighting - keep on fighting - and that is the story of the day. We came out and got behind and things are not looking great. I thought Boston College was really playing well and we were trying to play well. Then I asked the guys at halftime to keep on playing with great effort and sure enough they did. I am proud of how we hung in there, coaches, players, and got this thing done. Great win for us and we are going to enjoy this one for three or four hours and then we are going to get ready for Virginia."

On players Davis and Scales...
"I am also proud of a guy like Martin Davis. It's been a tough week for him. I thought he came back today and battled. He didn't hang his head and so I am proud of that. Marcus Scales - great effort run. He was stopped there on one situation on the goal line and he kept battling. It was just some great determination by our football team and by individuals."

On quarterback Logan Thomas...
"I think he'd probably say that parts of it were erratic. And again, when you look at the quarterback, a couple of times the receivers were not where they needed to be. I thought that a couple of his throws weren't Logan. But, I go back, and he made a couple of big plays at the end. He kept battling and playing tough."

On BC wide receiver Alex Amidon...
"We didn't do anything special [to cover him]. He is really a fantastic receiver. They missed him a couple of times when he was running down the field. We felt like we had to play the coverage. You play the coverage, you play it well and it really doesn't make a difference who's who. If you are getting pass-rushed, then that helps your coverage. We have all the respect in the world for the kid. He's got the all-time record here. What a terrific player he is."

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