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Men's Fencing

Men's Fencing Wins Two of Five

Patrick Riley

Patrick Riley

Jan. 29, 2013

Northeast Fencing Conference
Brown University
January 26, 2013

Women's Results
BC(#19) 15 - MIT(#18) 12
BC 21 - Smith 6
BC 20 - Brandeis 7
BC 19 - Vassar 8
Brown(#13) 17 - BC 10
BC 16 - Dartmouth 11

BC Women's fencing improved their record to 7-4 after posting 5 wins in Northeast Fencing Conference dual meets at Brown University on Saturday. Women's Epee put up a phenomenal performance, with Sophomore Cara Hall going 17-0 and Freshman Olivia Adragna 13-3 for the day. Sabre was not far behind with all three starters, Marney Krupat, Olivia Curry, and Maria Schneeweiss, posting 14-4 records. The young foil squad contributed as well, with a 10-8 performance by Grace Lisius, and Linda Zhang's 8-5 record.

Men's Results
MIT(#16) 19 - BC(#18) 8
Brandeis(#20) 14 - BC 13
BC 18 - Vassar 9
Brown(#12) 21 - BC 6
BC 16 - Dartmouth 11

The men's team did not fare as well, beating only Vassar and Dartmouth, while dropping matches to MIT, Brandeis and Brown. The match against Brandeis was close, 13-14, but good results in foil and epee could not overcome the 2-7 deficit in sabre. Han Min Lee and Patrick Riley in foil had the best results for the day, going 12-3 and 10-5 respectively. Epeeist Kendall Harmeyer was 9-5 in epee, including a win over 2012 NCAA qualifier Kelly McGuire of Brown. Devin Midgley in sabre was 7-5.

The team travels to MIT on Sunday, where they will face Duke (men #9 and women #11), Hunter, Haverford, Stevens Tech (women #20), UPenn (men #8, women #10) and NYU.

(Rankings are from Fencing Coaches Poll:

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