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Alex Dragicevich Worked to Make Seamless Transition to BC

Alex Dragicevich

Alex Dragicevich

Nov. 4, 2013

Written by senior Kristen Scott

Alex Dragicevich, junior guard for the men's basketball team, rarely takes the most conventional route. After spending his freshman and sophomore years as a member of the Notre Dame basketball team, he decided it was time for a change. Last year, Dragicevich found what he was looking for in Boston College.

"I chose BC because of Coach Donahue and the system that is run," Dragicevich said. "The system is very conducive to the way I play. They get up and down a lot and they shoot a lot. It was a very basketball-oriented decision."

The up-tempo, shooting-friendly philosophy that head coach Steve Donahue has implemented in BC's basketball program suits Dragicevich's style of play. The 6-foot-8 guard was fourth on the team in 3-pointers and 3-point percentage his sophomore year. Although Dragicevich sat out the 2012-13 season after his move to BC, he hardly considers it a wasted year.

"As tough as it is to not play, I try to really focus on the good parts of it. I was working harder than I ever had. So, I looked at it as a year for improvement," Dragicevich said. "It was a crucial year for me -- probably the most crucial year for my basketball development. I took last year to look at my weaknesses and make them all better and to really gel with the team."

Dragicevich worked all of last year to make the transition as seamless as possible. To him, it's as if nothing happened when he joined the rest of his teammates this year.

Not only did he put in the work to sharpen his basketball skills, but he also made an effort to integrate into the Boston College community. A member of Boston College's sketch comedy group, Hello, Shovelhead, Dragicevich found his niche on The Heights quickly.

In addition to basketball, comedy and performing have been a part of Dragicevich's life since high school. When he made Hello, Shovelhead, Dragicevich found a "wonderful group of characters" with whom he could continue his passion for performing.

"I get to be a part of a group that is really dedicated to writing and acting. They're really serious about it. It's an amazing group and I couldn't have asked for a better extracurricular," said Dragicevich.

A film studies major, it's easy to see why Dragicevich is a natural fit for performance, writing and comedy.

"Whatever I end up doing, I'm absolutely going to do what I like."

Between jokes and witty sarcasm, one thing remains clear: Dragicevich knows what he likes, and he works really hard at the things he likes. After college, he wants to continue playing basketball as long as he can, but can also see himself in broadcasting or an NBA front office position.

As for now, Dragicevich is fully dedicated to his basketball career. "For the next two years, I'm really focused on basketball," he said. "I'm going to keep working hard and enjoying it."

Dragicevich and the team open the 2013-14 season at Providence Friday, Nov. 8. The game will be broadcast on Fox Sport 1 at 6 p.m.

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