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Anderson's Spain Blog: Day 4

Aug. 29, 2012

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Sophomore Ryan Anderson and the Boston College men's basketball team traveled by bus from Madrid to Valencia on Wednesday. The Eagles took a tour of the city and enjoyed dinner in the old town before getting some rest for tomorrow night's game.

Anderson shares his thoughts on the day below:

Today we had to leave Madrid and make our five hour drive to Valencia. We had to stop every two hours because of the bus driving rules in Spain, so that was a perfect break time for us. We played card games and other driving games along the trip and shared some hilarious laughs. It wasn't the biggest activity we had of the trip, but it was definitely one of the most fun things that we have done. Just sitting down with each other, making jokes and having fun was a really cool experience for all of us. Anybody who fell asleep on the drive fell victim to being messed with by all of us until they were startled awake. We had fun doing that the whole trip till we stopped off at a random restaurant by the freeway. We went to get off the bus and I hit my head on the bus again for about the fifth time on this trip. You would think I would learn my lesson and duck my head some more. We went to the place and we didn't know what they were serving, but we were pretty sure it was bull tail again. We left the kind-of-weird restaurant and hopped on the bus to finish our drive. We stopped one of the funniest Go Fish card games of all time to enjoy our drive into Valencia.

We got to take a tour of the City of Arts and Sciences and it was amazing. We saw the outside of a huge aquarium and I can't wait to see it tomorrow. By far the funniest thing of the day was when Andrew, Danny and Eddie all climbed into these giant air balls and were trying to run around in them on this pool of water. They kept falling and falling and it was hilarious! When they came out of the air balls they were absolutely drenched in sweat and the guy dried them off with an air blower! We then left the museum and Dennis became focused on claiming his throne as the best picture taker on the team. He was hiding places trying to randomly take an "action photo" of somebody doing a basic action and try to get a super cool background. It was hilarious to watch him use up Jordan's memory on his camera. Dennis took hundreds of random pictures on someone else's camera! Good luck sorting through that Jordan. (As I'm writing this Dennis is very upset that I'm undermining his photo abilities).

We then went on a tour of Valencia and we got to walk up a bell tower that had 207 steps. I hope our trainer Nick doesn't read this, but running up those stairs is a really good workout! Once we got up there, it was the most beautiful view I have seen since I have been in Spain. We overlooked the entire city all the way to the ocean and it was amazing! I wish I could have stayed there the rest of the day. We went on to go to dinner, but we had to sit outside and wait for the restaurant to be ready. We were all outside and then loud gun shots went off on the street and me and Danny went on a dead sprint into a building to hide. We turn around and everyone was standing there laughing at us. We were confused and then they said that those were just firework noises. Danny and I were very relieved!

We began our "short" walk back to the hotel after dinner, but it ended up being another pretty long walk. I guess us Americans just aren't used to walking this much because we are all exhausted from walking so much! Our tour guide told me today that us Americans move too slow because we drive our cars everywhere! I didn't really know how to respond so I just agreed with her not to upset her. I thought it was funny!

We had a terrific first day here in Valencia. I was telling Brad, our manager, that I'm not sure which city I like better - Madrid or Valencia. I loved Madrid right away, but I'm giving Valencia a chance to match Madrid tomorrow. I definitely love both places, but Madrid is in the lead right now. I'm sure Valencia will show me some sweet places tomorrow! Hablar Manana!

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