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Anderson's Spain Blog: Day 2

Aug. 27, 2012

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Boston College spent its second full day in Madrid and took a guided bus tour of the entire city. The Eagles got to learn and experience everything about the city with stops at a bullfighting ring, temples and immense plazas.

The team also visited the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, the home of Real Madrid, where the Eagles ran into the Oregon State basketball team.

BC played its first of four games on the trip, but lost to Eurocolegio Casvi, 86-77.

Sophomore Ryan Anderson recounts the day in his second blog entry below:

Well this morning, I woke up feeling great. Never have I appreciated a night of sleep as much as I did this morning. It was day and night how my body felt from yesterday to today. I love waking up and going to the breakfast that's served at the hotel because it's a chance for all of the guys on the team to sit down together and start our day as one group. We also get a chance to eat some great food.

We took off at 10:30 a.m. for a tour of Madrid today. The coolest part of the tour was when we stopped at this bull fighting arena. It looked like a castle with all of its amazing architectural designs. I definitely got my share of pictures there. I wish we could have gone inside, but we had to move on to our next site. Our next stop was at a really cool statue in the park. We all got pictures and listened to our tour guide tell us about its history. I swear the tour guide told about 10 different stories about the statue because we were listening to him for awhile. The heat outside was not phasing the tour guide at all while he was talking to us, but it was burning all of us. The tour guide had a lot of really interesting information that he gave us on the trip.

After our tour, Joe Rahon, John Cain Carney, Andrew Van Nest, Jordan Daniels, Eddie Odio and I all went to the Reina Sofia museum to see Pablo Picasso's famous painting, Guernica. Joe and I went there for the sole purpose of seeing that one famous painting and we were happy to find out that you got into the museum free with a student ID card. (Tough luck for the guys who left their cards at the hotel). All of us successfully saw the painting and were quickly stopped by the quickest moving security guard woman of all time because she couldn't let us take a picture of the painting. I literally have never seen a woman that age move that fast! After we soaked in Picasso's amazing work, we decided to check out the rest of the museum. I didn't think I would find anything else cool in there because I'm not really into art, but some of the artwork was absolutely amazing! I found myself stopping and looking at every painting. I especially stopped for Picasso's work because he was the only artist name that I recognized. I found myself looking at his work and not knowing what was going on, but I found great entertainment in trying to guess what he was trying to portray. I definitely have a new found love for art after experiencing that museum.

Next on our agenda was to get ready for our first game of the trip. We knew they played a different style of basketball here, but we were still thrown off by it. My first shot, I looked up at the basket and the hoop was bent up so badly that I knew it would be tough to shoot on that end; so we would have to make our run on the other basket. We got called for travel after travel in the first quarter and got down early. I was amazed at how physical their post players were because they weren't very big at all. They just played really hard. We came out at halftime and played a little bit better basketball in the second half - getting some steals, some blocks, knocking down some open shots. Unfortunately, I picked up my fourth foul and I had to come out of the game. We stuck with them for awhile, but then we made some unforced turnovers and made several defensive errors, and their lead grew back to 10. We fought to try to get back in the game, but they had a very high basketball IQ and were picking us apart on every defensive miscue. We definitely got the swing of how the style of play is here. Hopefully next game I'll be able to understand the refs when they tell me what I'm doing wrong! Right now I'm relying all on hand motions! We will bounce back tomorrow! Buenas Noches from Madrid!

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