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Q&A With Alex Dragicevich

July 20, 2012

Junior guard Alex Dragicevich transferred to Boston College from Notre Dame this summer. While making the transition to his new school, he has been getting acclimated with his new teammates and coaches during the rigorous offseason workouts. As a way of introducing himself to Eagles fans, he sat down with BC Athletics to tell a little bit about himself and to provide insight on what he will bring to the men's basketball team.

Welcome to the Heights! Tell us a little bit about yourself (outside of basketball).
I will be pursuing a Film Studies major and minoring in Theatre. I love movies and I like to write. I'm a big fan of comedy - watching and performing it. I have a guitar that I'm not very good at, but I play it a lot. I have one older brother and one younger sister. My younger sister goes to University of Iowa and my older brother went to Southern Illinois.

What have been your early impressions of Boston College (as a school)?
I really like how close it is to Boston. I like the T a lot. Obviously I like the coaching staff here; that's probably the main reason I came to BC. I was really surprised with how well everyone on the team gets along. They are all really, really good guys. Our strength and conditioning coach, Nicholas Asermelly, is an awesome guy. I think that his workouts are great.

Describe your style of play on the court-- what do you see as your strengths and who do you model your game after?
I'm a wing-guard, probably more of a small forward than a shooting guard. I like to shoot the ball and get to the rim to make plays for guys. I think one thing I need to work on is defense. I don't really model my game after anyone in particular. I just try and go out there and play my style as best I can.

The offense that Coach Steve Donahue runs has been said to be complex and intricate - where do you see yourself fitting into the offensive system?
I will probably be playing on the wing. There are a lot of guys on the perimeter that are interchangeable within the offense. I see myself starting out on the wing, but there will be times when I need to handle the ball or come off of screens. At those times, my versatility will allow me to be very effective within the offense. For now, I am trying to get a hang of all the plays and sets. From there, I will be able to figure out where Coach D sees me fitting in exactly.

After two seasons at Notre Dame you decided to transfer. What drew you to BC? What ultimately made you realize this was the school for you?
Coach Donahue, along with the rest of the staff, was the main attraction for me. The system they play fits my playing style, too. Once I had made a connection with the staff and saw where I would fit into the offense, it was an easy decision for me - especially when I finally came to campus and met the guys and saw what the atmosphere on campus was like. Choosing BC was a no-brainer for me.

What other schools did you consider?
It basically came down to BC, Loyola (Chicago), and Northwestern. Oregon State was another option I considered. BC really stood out from the beginning, though. Once I visited here, it was clear that BC was leading the pack the whole time.

What are your observations of Coach Donahue so far?
He is a really intense guy and I think his intensity rubs off on everyone else. He has inspired me to want to get better and to get in the gym more. He is the leader and when you see how hard he works it makes you want to work that much harder. That's a great quality he has. Also, as good of an X's and O's coach as he is, he is really down-to-earth off the court. He is someone who is easy to talk to and be around. I think he has a lot of great qualities.

And the rest of the staff?
I like them all. They all have their own personalities. I talked to Coach Graham the most during the recruiting process, so I got to know him the best. He is a big movie buff, like me, so we talked a lot about movies and film in the beginning. He is a really funny guy. And all the other coaches are really genuine people, too.

Obviously, you are joining a team that is very young. What are your first impressions of the guys on the team?
There is definitely a lot of talent. A lot of freshmen at other schools don't play nearly as much as these guys did last season. This team can definitely use that to their advantage. Among the players there is a great range and diversity of size and skill sets. All the pieces are there to make a run, so at this point it is just a matter of time. If you look at a lot of the teams making big runs in the tournament, they're mostly veteran teams. With the exception of teams like Kentucky, not a lot of young teams make noise in the tournament. Once everything clicks, and that could definitely be as soon as this year, the sky is the limit for this team. There is unlimited potential.

Have any players surprised you or impressed you in the pick-up games and team workouts?
There are a lot of really good players. Dennis Clifford really impressed me from the beginning. With his skill set and size, he can be a big force in this league. Obviously, Ryan Anderson put up great numbers and played extremely well; his play speaks for itself. He shows how good he is in games. And with the guards, Jordan Daniels, Olivier Hanlan, Joe Rahon, and Lonnie Jackson, they can all pass, shoot and dribble. They all have their own unique skill sets. Everybody can shoot it, too. Danny Rubin is a great shooter. Eddie Odio can really shoot it. Andrew Van Nest can shoot the heck out of the ball. John Cain Carney can really pass the ball well. There are a lot of options on this team. We play a lot together and each person has stood out at different times over the course of the summer.

As a transfer, you will have to redshirt this year and not play in any games. What will you focus on improving during your year off from game action?
I'm going to focus on improving my strength and my speed. This year will be great in terms of getting at least four days in the weight room throughout the year. That will really help me progress to where I can really help this team and make an impact. Strength can really make or break a player - grabbing a rebound, diving for a loose ball, and other things require a lot of strength. Strength is something I'm definitely focusing on improving this year.

- Interview conducted by Brad Fadem, Media Relations Assistant

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