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Getting To Know ... Dennis Clifford

May 16, 2011

Dennis Clifford, a 7-foot, 250-pound center from Bridgewater Mass., began his schoolboy career at Bridgewater-Raynham High School, before transferring to Milton Academy prior to the 2009-10 season. Born on Leap Day 1992 (February 29), Clifford figures to be a versatile big man in head coach Steve Donahue's system.

Describe your game, your style of play.
I'm primarily a post-up player. I pride myself on defense and rebounding. This past year I've been working a lot on my offensive game, getting a lot of post touches and I can also bring it outside. I like passing and shooting the ball outside so I'm pretty good at those.

How do you feel about playing so close to home?
That's one of the big reasons why I chose BC. It's a great school close to home. Being close to home makes it possible for my family and friends to come see me and that's really important to me since my parents have really made it to most of my games through my whole sporting career. I think that's one of the big factors.

Were you a BC fan growing up?
I like BC. It was my favorite school so I was a fan. I wasn't a diehard though. I went to a couple of games.

Did you get a chance to watch BC on TV this past year?
I watched a lot on TV and I went to a couple of games.

What appealed to you about Coach Donahue's style of play?
While Coach Donahue was recruiting me, I watched a lot of the Cornell film and he really uses his big men a lot to come outside and set picks or screens. His big guys were really moving a lot in the offense and they were very involved and I really liked that. It seems like he's doing the same thing at BC.

What attracted you to Boston College?
It was close to home. It's always been my dream to play at a place like BC, that level of play, in the ACC.

I really liked the coaching staff. I think that was one of the main factors that pulled me in. I really loved the feel that I got when I got on campus from the coaches and players.

Do you have any familiarity with any of the other incoming freshmen? Or any of the current players?
I saw Eddie Odio play in Florida at nationals, but that's about it.

I visited campus a couple of times so I got to know the players pretty well. I stayed with Danny Rubin. I was hanging around with Reggie too, but ...

I'm pretty familiar with Gabe (Moton) and Danny, and I know Matt (Humphrey) too.

What other interests or hobbies do you have?
I really like listening to music. When I'm alone I'd rather be listening to music. I just hang around with friends.

I used to love to ski, but that ended pretty quickly when I started to focus on basketball, so I haven't done that in a long time.

(As an aside), people are usually surprised when I tell them I played soccer. I was pretty competitive in that as a freshman in high school. I was not a goalie, which also surprises people (Clifford was a midfielder/defender). I chose to quit after that just because of basketball.

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