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Getting To Know ... Jordan Daniels

Jordan Daniels is one of four Californians who will be joining the Eagles for the 2011-12 season.

Jordan Daniels is one of four Californians who will be joining the Eagles for the 2011-12 season.

May 5, 2011

Jordan Daniels is the sixth - and most recent - addition to Boston College basketball's incoming freshman class. The 5-foot-8-inch, 150-pound guard, the youngest of five children, looks forward to developing his game under head coach Steve Donahue. Like his fellow classmates, Jordan will be arriving on campus in late June.

Describe your game, your style of play.
I'm a facilitator. I would describe myself as a floor general. I play with speed and quickness, and I use that to my advantage.

What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses?
My strengths are my speed and quickness and the ability to create good shots for my team.

The thing I need to get better on is I need to improve my body, add a little weight, and I need to be more vocal.

Your size is something that is discussed almost as frequently as your skills. Can you tell me how this skepticism has served to motivate you?
I dealt with the doubters just by showing them that, when I'm on the floor, I can be a plus for my team, show them that my size doesn't really have a negative effect on my game.

Does your size offer you any advantages?
It makes me harder to stay with, I believe. I see it as a plus because it makes me seem like a pest. When I'm all around someone, it makes me seem a little bit annoying. I feel that's something that's positive to my game.

What can you tell me about your future BC teammates who are also from California? Have you played with or against any of them?
I've played against Kyle (Caudill), Ryan (Anderson) and Lonnie (Jackson). I've played against all three of them. And I've played with Ryan a couple of times, and I played with Lonnie a long time ago. We were on our first travel team together.

I know for a fact that they're all very hard competitors and they're all going to work hard, and they're all cool people to be around.

BC has had some very good players from California in the last 10 years. Did their success influence your decision at all?
No. I don't really think that influenced my decision. It was more knowing the guys that I'm coming in with and building a good bond with the coaching staff as I went through my recruiting.

What do you know about Boston College and the city of Boston?
I know Boston College is a very prestigious school and there's a lot of school history. I know Boston is a great place to live. It's a college-oriented town. I know there's a lot of schools around and a lot of social activity.

Are you looking forward to spending a few years on the East Coast?
I'm excited about coming to the East Coast. I've been there. I have a lot of family in Atlanta. I know that's nothing like Boston, but it's the East Coast. Boston will definitely be something new to me, and I'm excited for the new experience.

Did you get a chance to watch BC on TV this past year? What appealed to you about Coach Donahue's style of play?
I saw them a couple of times. I wasn't able to get all the games, but I saw a few. Coach's style feels like it's a good style for me to play in. I like how they get up the floor. I feel like that's a good part of my game, running up and down. And, I like the way they move the ball.

What other interests or hobbies do you have?
I kind of just hang around with my friends and play video games a little bit. And, I'm a pretty random person. I like to try different things.

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