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Getting to Know ... Eddie Odio

Eddie Odio will join the Eagles for the 2011-12 season.

Eddie Odio will join the Eagles for the 2011-12 season.

April 28, 2011

Eddie Odio, a 6-foot-7-inch wing player from Miami, Fla., continues to work on his game, while keeping on close eye on the Boston sports scene. He'll arrive on campus in less than two months - on June 24.

Describe your game, your style of play.
I'm a 6-7 wing player with a high IQ. I'm a coach's son so that carries over to the floor. I use my IQ on the floor to help me with my whole game. I'm a shooter and I'm more athletic than people first assume I am.

What do you believe are you strengths and weaknesses?
My strengths would be shooting and athleticism and I'm thinking my weaknesses right now are actually getting stronger and gaining some weight. I need to put some weight on. And, maybe ballhandling. I need to work on that in the summer and I'm going to try to focus on that until I get up to Boston.

I know your father is a highly successful head coach at Barry University. Can you tell me how much of an impact your father has had on your basketball career/development?
It's helped me a great deal (to get) where I am now. Without him, I definitely wouldn't be where I am. He's helped me my whole life - since I was 5 years old doing form shooting in the backyard and working on ballhandling. He's always wanted me to be an all-around player so when we do work out, it's not just guard skills. He helps me in the post and he helps me do things that a wing player might not normally have to do so that when I get in a game I have all those weapons to use.

Another thing that's helped me is the competitiveness that runs through our blood. Neither of us likes to lose and ever since I was little playing with him one-on-one in the backyard - if I'd lose I'd get really upset. One thing I don't like to do is lose, and I think that comes from him.

Did you get a chance to watch BC on TV this past year? What appealed to you about Coach Donahue's style of play?
I got to see almost all the games they played on TV. Coach Donahue's style of play fits the way I play perfectly. It's an open system. Everyone can shoot, dribble and pass. It's fast, but controlled. I think, with the five other players coming in this class, we're all smart players and we're all well skilled and I think we'll fit into this system perfectly.

What attracted you to Boston College?
There are a lot of things that attracted me. The coaches are first. They're all Ivy League coaches from the past so the style of play that Coach Donahue brought to Boston College is one that fits the way I play.

The academics at Boston College is right up there with the Ivy League.

The city of Boston is a wonderful city. I've always wanted to live up there. I'm a huge Red Sox fan.

Why do you love the Boston Red Sox? Have you ever spent any time in the city?
When I was in sixth grade, my math teacher was actually a Red Sox fan and she told us about them so we used to watch the games. In 2003, there were the playoffs when Aaron Boone hit the home run so it was kind of heart breaking. I kept watching the next year and, of course, the Red Sox win the World Series in 2004 and I started becoming a big fan. I've just followed them since then.

And, after that, I just fell in love with Boston. I'm starting to watch the Bruins on TV now, and I never thought I'd watch hockey before. I've only come to Boston for a visit last June (unofficial visit).

Do you have any familiarity with any of the other incoming freshmen? I haven't met any of them in person or really talked to them on the phone, but we keep in touch through Facebook.

What other interests or hobbies do you have?
I like to play a lot of other sports. My dad and I play golf all the time. That's something I really enjoy. I like to play volleyball when I can. I played for my school last year, but this year I decided not to play. I wanted to get prepared for Boston College and focus on what I have to do to get better for basketball.

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