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Donahue Will Not Return As Men's Basketball Coach

Steve Donahue served as basketball coach at Boston College for four seasons (2010-14).

Steve Donahue served as basketball coach at Boston College for four seasons (2010-14).

March 18, 2014

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. - Boston College Director of Athletics Brad Bates announced today that Steve Donahue will not return as the men's basketball coach of the Eagles.

Donahue finished his fourth season at The Heights with a record of 8-24. He was 54-76 in his career at Boston College.

Donahue was named head coach in April 2010 after spending the previous 10 years at Cornell. He led the Big Red to three Ivy League titles and his 2009-10 team reached the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament.

A search for a new coach will begin immediately.

Boston College Director of Athletics Brad Bates
Press Conference Quotes - Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On when the decision was reached:
"As we had said all along once we made a decision we would go public with it. The decision was made after a lot of thought and analysis and we are here today for that reason."

On the feelings of the season ticket holders and fans:
"I think you have probably seen me enough to know that I am very open to people's thoughts and perspectives. Either way this decision went it would disappoint constituents of Boston College. Those of you that know Steve know he is a tremendous individual and so like I said either way this went there were going to be people who were disappointed."

On who informed the team:
"Steve and I talked that through and I gave him that option. He went in to tell the players and then I went in and visited with them right afterwards. There is a lot of character in that locker room. It was an intimate setting between us and I really don't want to elaborate on it. You know those students and it is a quality group."

On what he is looking for in a new coach:
"In the next 24 hours we are going to begin a needs-assessment for the program. Out of that we will have a profile for the type of coach we are looking for. There are a lot of great coaches out there and not every great coach is a great fit for every school, particularly BC. So we need to identify a profile for the specific coaches that can lead us at this point in time."

On concerns about keeping this group together and the turnover:
"Whenever you have a change in leadership you worry. These students clearly know that we care about them genuinely. Boston College has an incredible diploma. It's a great institution. We have a lot to offer these students and they know that."

On a timetable for a hire:
"No rush to make the hire. This is a long-term decision and you can't hurry into some spontaneous decision. We need to move as quickly as possible but we need to be very deliberate in terms of the timing and process."

"Every athletic director in America has candidates for every position in his department in mind. Now whether those candidates have interest or whether there is a historical predisposition on coming into Boston College you don't really know. Part of my job is to be prepared for any attrition."

On if the new head coach needs to be a recognized name with splash:
"I don't think we need the splash. I'm not looking for short-term enthusiasm at the expense of long-term substance. We need to hire whoever is going to best fit what the program needs at this moment in time."

On what he would say to BC fans:
"What I would say to BC fans at anytime is that this is an incredible institution, be very prideful of it. Our student athletes are tremendous ambassadors of the university and I'm certainly privileged to be their Athletic Director. I feel very honored to be in this role."

On how to make the decision of changing coaches:
"I look at an entire matrix of variables and each one of them has different weights. You look at that matrix and do an assessment and all that you can do it make a decision that you believe is in the best interest of the program. At a school like Boston College, there is clearly weight towards integrity. There is weight towards winning and competitive success. There is weight towards retention and graduation, but there is so much more that goes into the leadership of a basketball program."

On attracting local talent:
"I think Boston College in its history, when we have had great success, has gotten a lot of the local talent but has also recruited nationally and internationally. I think that is a formula that will continue to serve us well. Having said that, it is very competitive and there are very talented players in this region, there is great basketball around here. I think Boston College has a lot to sell. You have an opportunity to get a world class education while playing against world class athletes in the ACC in a world class city. It is very difficult to top that."

On hiring a new head coach:
"It's a more complex answer than just saying that the new coach has to be engaged in generating fan interest, I think that is a given. It's the way we entertain our fans. Winning is obviously a big way in attracting people. Many of you have been here when we had very successful years and Conte Forum was rocking. We have to look at every aspect of the program, from a coaching standpoint as well as an administrative standpoint, and see what we can do to give this program the best chance to compete for championships in the postseason."

On championships being the main goal:
"If you win the ACC Championship, you have a good chance to go on and win the National Championship, but it's beyond just winning. We look at winning as student formation. Winning is a process that develops people who go out after graduation and make the world a better place. We're trying to develop scholars and athletes, servers and leaders."

On the future of the assistant coaches:
"That will be up to the next coach. I believe that every coach should have the autonomy to decide who they surround themselves with."

On Olivier Hanlan's plans for the future:
"I know that there is a process that he is going through that will give him good feedback that the NBA sets up for him and I think that is great. I think whenever you have someone that talented you would love to have him continue in our program. A lot of that will depend on the feedback that he gets through the NBA process. Olivier is a tremendous young man. He is very mature and will have good instincts throughout this whole process.

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