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Basketball's Sean Marshall Prepares for Showdown Versus Miami

Sean Marshall looks to extend BC's four-game win streak when the 13th-ranked Eagles host Miami

Sean Marshall looks to extend BC's four-game win streak when the 13th-ranked Eagles host Miami

Feb. 15, 2006

Basketball junior Sean Marshall will make his 90th consecutive start for the Eagles (20-5, 7-4 ACC) Thursday evening when No. 13 Boston College hosts the Miami Hurricanes (14-10, 6-5 ACC). The junior guard has emerged as Boston College's third-leading scorer (12.2 ppg) and rebounder (3.9 rpg) and stands 91 points shy of the 1,000-point mark. A resident of Rialto, Calif., Marshall looks to help lead the Eagles to their 10th win in the team's last 11 games.

Q: Your team heads into tomorrow night's game against Miami with a 20-5 overall record and 7-4 ACC mark. Talk about the season so far.

A: We've had our ups and downs, as everybody can see. We've played well at times and we've played badly at times. But late in games, down the stretch, the most important parts of winning basketball games are making free throws and coming up with stops at the defensive end. If we do that, I think we'll have the best chance to win.

Q: Talk about your role on the team - what do you try to bring to the team?

A: As the third-leading scorer, I've tried to bring more consistency, which I haven't done in past years. I try to bring a lot of energy. We don't have a lot of guys on the team that play with a ton of energy, so I try to bring a lot of energy to the team with hustle plays and just doing the little things. Those little things really count, like rebounding and setting good screens.

Q: Many view you as just a long-range shooter, but you expect more of yourself. What else do you view as your strengths, aside from outside shooting?

A: Coming into this season, I knew that my role was going to be a little bit bigger this year than it was last year, since we lost Jermaine [Watson] and Nate Doornekamp. So, I knew that I would have to pick up the rebounding and that we would be somewhat undersized at the beginning of the season without Sean [Williams] and Akida [McLain]. I knew that I had to pick up my rebounding. I've just tried to get some easy baskets going to the basket and a couple of lay-ups. If I'm having a bad shooting night, hopefully it can get me in a good rhythm.

Q: Craig Smith is considered by many to be the undisputed leader of the team. Louis Hinnant is the other senior captain, the point guard and your backcourt mate. Give us some thoughts on each of them.

A: They're both just great to have. I mean, they've been here for four years, both as starters. Craig is an All-American, and Louis is a vocal leader out there. They just expect so much from us. When we don't give them that, they get on us and they tell us that we have to play up to their expectations. They're great captains to have, and we're really going to miss them next year.

Q: You play with a lot of energy. Explain the impact that has on your game.

A: I'm an up and down player. If I'm not putting forth the energy into the game, I'm not being myself. If I'm not running up and down the court getting a couple of steals and getting a few defensive stops, I'm not the same player on offense. All the little stuff really gets my offensive game going, and once I get in a rhythm, that's when I really get going.

Q: Some people who watch you play think your behavior is meant to taunt the opposition and may be unsportsmanlike. Tell us the truth - what are you doing and what are your intentions?

A: I'm a real emotional guy, so whether it's on the court or off the court, I'm always showing my emotions. When I'm on the court, I tend to show them a little bit more than when I'm off the court. I don't do it to taunt the other team. Like I said, I just try to bring as much energy as I can, and I always play the game with passion. After every basket, I'm yelling and talking to my teammates. I'm excited. With defensive stops, I'm yelling and talking to my teammates, but it's not meant for the other team. It's just for my teammates and me.

Q: Your passion and emotion obviously help your game. Do you think that energy rubs off and has a positive effect on your teammates?

A: Yea, definitely. I mean, once they see me really energized out there, they all get going. Louis is another emotional guy, so he gets energized. Craig and Jared get going as well. Once we get that energy flowing throughout the team and we're all working together, we become hard to stop.

Q: You are one of three Californians on the team. In fact, you are one of three Californians in the starting line-up. Is there any special bond between three of you?

A: I really don't think so. I mean, we're all from California so I guess we relate to each other more than the other people on the team, especially with me and Craig being living closer to each other than with me and Jared. But, I think this team is very close - it's probably the closest team we've had since I've been here. We just really love playing with each other.

Q: You play Miami tomorrow night. You played them once earlier this season, and you know they have some very talented guards - Robert Hite, Anthony Harris and Guillermo Diaz. Do you look at tomorrow's game as a special challenge or a great opportunity?

A: Every time we - whether its me, Louis, Tyrese, Marquez or Jared - play against one of the top guards in the ACC, we always take it upon ourselves to meet the challenge of playing against such tough, opposing guys. Diaz is a great guard and is very athletic, as are Hite and Harris. So, we're really going to have to bring our `A' game tomorrow.

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