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Q&A: Steve Langone's World Series Run with the Red Sox

Langone during the Duck Boat Parade through Boston, celebrating the 2013 World Series.

Langone during the Duck Boat Parade through Boston, celebrating the 2013 World Series.

Dec. 6, 2013

Steve Langone was a pitcher and designated hitter for the Boston College baseball team before graduating in 2000. Although Langone finished his BC playing career years ago, he has kept both baseball and Boston present in his life. The Major League Advance Scout for the Boston Red Sox, Langone took some time to talk about being a part of the 2013 World Championship team.

What is your role with the Red Sox? How did your role contribute to the success of the 2013 team?

SL: I am the Major League Advance Scout for the Red Sox. I travel ahead of the Red Sox to watch and scout our upcoming opponents. I report my findings and opinions to John Farrell and his entire coaching staff on the first day of each series. The coaching staff then circulates the appropriate information to the players. I'd like to think that our renewed emphasis on preparation was a big part of our success this year, not only during the regular season, but throughout the postseason as well.

Did you have an idea that the 2013 Sox would be as successful as they were?

SL: Coming off a disappointing and frustrating 2012 season, I didn't expect to win the World Series in 2013. However, I expected to contend in the AL East and at the very least, be in contention for one of the two wild card spots. As the season progressed, and as we continued to win series after series, there was a feeling that this was a special team. By early September, just making it to the postseason was no longer the goal. We felt as though we could make a deep run in the postseason and possibly make it to the World Series.

What was it like to be a part of the turnaround from last year to this year and to have the opportunity to be a part of a championship team?

SL: Having been part of the Boston Red Sox organization since 2009, I have experienced extreme highs and lows. The time period from the infamous September 2011 collapse through the end of the disappointing 2012 season was a long, painful low point for all of us in the organization. We were determined to "right the ship" in 2013. To be a part of a team that went from 69 wins to a World Series champion in one year is extremely gratifying. However, once the 2013 season was underway, we never felt like a last-place team. The team was different, the culture was different, the preparation was different, and the overall attitude was different. It was a truly special season, especially when you factor in the Marathon bombings and how the city rallied around the team and vice versa.

Some people go a whole career without ever being part of a World Series championship team. Having been through it, you realize how special it is and it makes you want to get back there that much more. However, we know that isn't easy. But being a part of the 2013 Boston Red Sox will only drive us even harder to do all we can to bring another World Series title to Boston in the very near future.

What is it like working with John Farrell and Ben Cherington?

SL: John Farrell and Ben Cherington are two of the brightest minds and two of the most well-respected people in baseball. They are both tremendous leaders, but also trust and rely on input from their colleagues. Working for such intelligent people such as Ben [Cherington] and John [Farrell] forces you to always be at your best, since there is a high expectation level for those of us that surround them. I work more closely with John Farrell and the coaching staff in my role as advance scout, and I deal more directly with Assistant General Manager Mike Hazen - another brilliant, highly respected executive - in my current role.

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington is this year's featured speaker at the 22nd annual Baseball Night in Boston on Jan. 22 at Fenway Park. Cherington played a crucial role in rebuilding the Red Sox ball club to compete for, and win, a championship in 2013. For your opportunity to hear Cherington speak at Baseball Night, purchase tickets here.

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