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Gorman Finishes Summer Season Strong

Gorman in his final outing. Photos credited to Jillian Genereux

Gorman in his final outing. Photos credited to Jillian Genereux

Aug. 20, 2012

Chestnut Hill, Mass. - Boston College sophomore right-hander John Gorman spend his summer playing in Sanford, Maine, with the Mainers (15-26). He made 11 appearances, finishing the season with two starts, earning two wins.

After finishing the 2012 regular season third on the team with 22 appearances, all coming from the bullpen, and tallying the fourth-best ERA (3.46) and the second-most strikeouts looking (14), Gorman tallied 25 strikeouts in 25.2 innings and a 4.56 ERA over the summer. He also tallied four hits at the plate.

On July 15, he went 7.0 innings, allowed six runs - five earned - and tallied three Ks in his first win and on July 23, in his final outing and strongest performance, he pitched five scoreless innings, allowing just four hits and one walk, while striking out eight.

Q: With your first season of summer league under your belt, what did you learn playing for the Mariners you can bring with you to the Eagles?
A: My first season of summer league ball was one that made me really mature as a player and a person. There were many ups and downs throughout the season for myself, which is something I have never really experienced before. My best two pitching outings came in my last two starts of the summer and my best at bats at the summer came at the end, as well. I was really able to make many adjustments this summer, not only physically, but also mentally. Hopefully I will be able to carry this growth to this fall and into next spring.

Q: What was it like to have teammate Nate LaPointe with you on the Mainers? Does it help that he is a catcher as you are a pitcher?
A: Having Nate catching me was definitely something that benefitted me this summer. Nate and I have been working hard together the past year now and he knows me better than anyone when calling a game. He also works as hard behind the plate as any catcher I have ever thrown to and showed a lot of improvement this summer.

Q: What was your favorite thing about playing for the Mariners - on the field and off?
A: My favorite thing about playing for the Mainers this summer is the people around the organization and the players. The group of guys I got to spend time with was up there with any team I have ever played on. We faced a lot of adversity and still gave it our best, even when we were down to 17 players in the playoffs. Also, words cannot really describe how awesome the people who run the Sanford organization are. The fans and management show so much enthusiasm and it makes you really want to succeed for them.

Q: The Mainers played the Newport Gulls in the playoffs. What was it like to face BC teammates Blake Butera and Matt Paré?
A: Playing against Matt and Blake in the playoffs was a great experience. Playing against them all summer was a fun experience. It's nice to watch and be able to see how they are doing during the summer and to get to play against them. The Newport team that they played on was really loaded and those two guys fit in perfectly.

Q: Now that your season is over, do you have any plans before you return to BC for the fall?
A: I really have nothing particular planned before coming back to school in the fall. I hope to keep working so that I can be ready to go to work when getting back to school. We have a great group of guys coming back this year and a good looking class coming in, so I am just looking forward to getting back to school and preparing for what should be a great season next year for us.

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