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Q&A with Tom Bourdon

Bourdon (Photographer: Graham Harboe/Chatham Anglers)

Bourdon (Photographer: Graham Harboe/Chatham Anglers)

July 16, 2012

Chestnut Hill, Mass - Boston College junior center fielder Tom Bourdon led the Eagles in many offensive categories during the 2012 season, earning All-ACC second-team accolades. This summer, he is working on improving his game in the prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League, which is widely regarded for bringing the best collegiate talents together.

Bourdon plays for the Chatham Anglers, who are tied for the second in the Eastern Division with a 15-11 record, which is also the second-best record in the league. The outfielder is batting .225 and went 2-for-2 with a double to help the A's come from behind to defeat Falmouth, 3-1, on Sunday night. We caught up with the Eagle to see how his summer in the Cape was going.

Q: What has your experience been playing in the prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League?
A: Playing in the Cape League is an incredible experience. The competition is the best I have seen at the collegiate level. Day in and day out, you are competing against the best college players from all over the country. Along with the talented players, the Cape League has an abundance of support from fans and volunteers. The volunteers are extremely helpful and they do their very best to put us in the best possible position to succeed. Without them, it is clear that there would be no Cape League. I can't thank them enough for their time and loyalty, which allows all of us players to compete at an extremely high level.

Q: How have you been improving your game?
A: Playing in the Cape League so far has been a tremendous opportunity to learn and improve. The Cape League is traditionally a pitching-dominated league. This is not surprising to me after playing in the league for a month. Most pitchers throw in the 90's and can move the ball all around the plate with command. This is an eye-opener to me as a hitter, especially with wood bats. I learned quickly that I wasn't going to be able to hit the same pitches as I could with a metal bat, especially pitches out of the zone. For this reason, I began working more and more on pitch selection with an understanding that sometimes the pitcher is going to beat me with a pitch on the black of the plate. Many times, this can be very difficult mentally but I learned it is important to be patient and wait for a pitchers mistake. This can be referred to as selectively aggressive hitting and this comes with understanding the game better. The Cape League gives me the best opportunity to improve on this hitting skill.

Q: What it's like living on the Cape with a host family?
A: Living on the Cape is great. You can't ask for a better place to live during the summer and I am fortunate enough to have a great host family. I live with Mrs. Kangas in East Harwich. She has been hosting players for 20 years now, including many who played professionally. I am also lucky enough to live with fellow BC teammate and roommate at school, Eric Stevens.

Q: What you do on your off days?
A: So far we have had only three off days because of rainouts. We recently just came off a streak of 11 games straight. On the off days, I have gone to the beach, gone fishing and explored around Cape, being that this is the first time I have ever been up here.

Q: What it's like playing with guys from all over the country?
A: It is a lot of fun playing with and against the best players from all over the country. It allows us all the opportunity to meet players we have heard all about. It gives us a chance to learn more about baseball because we pick each other's brains, knowing that we all came from different baseball backgrounds. It is great to develop friendships and connections with players from all over the country.

Q: What you are looking forward to back at Boston College?
A: I'm looking forward to getting back and hanging out with my teammates. It will be nice to see everyone after being away from them all summer. Along with that, we all have the urge to get back so we can get working on the field and in the gym. We all have a common goal and that's to get ourselves to a point where we are in a position to have a lot of success in the 2013.

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