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Summer Ball Q&A: Logan Hoggarth

Logan Hoggarth

Logan Hoggarth

July 11, 2014

Rising junior Logan Hoggarth is spending his summer in Virginia playing for the Woodstock River Bandits in the Valley Baseball League. The once infielder converted to outfielder leads his team in hits (31), games (26), at bats (105), is tied for second in RBIs (11) and is fifth on the roster with a .299 batting average. He was named to the VBL All-Star North Team and went 1-for-2 in the game.

You are playing for Woodstock in the Valley League this summer after playing in the Cal Ripkin League last summer. What are some of the differences you notice?
First off, both are great leagues and I have had great pleasure playing in both. But the main differences I noticed in the Valley League compared to the Cal Ripken is I'm facing better competition this summer from great players around the nation. Also, I notied that the league is more spread out. We have to drive farther to games sometimes taking us into West Virginia and all throughout Virginia.

You have been hitting consistently in games, tallying a .299 average so far. What have you been working on to gain that consistency?
What I have been really working on to stay consistent is my approach and my habits. I try to keep my approach simple picking my zones and staying up the middle with the ball. Also, every game I try to do the same thing to build consistency, I warm up the same, I enter the batter's box the same and I keep my stance the same. I make small adjustments along the way. But not changing anything drastically and finding a groove game to game has helped me a lot this summer.

You are in Virginia for the summer. How is it different from your home state of Florida? What have been doing on your off days?
The main difference is apparent right when you enter Virginia. There are mountains everywhere and I'am not use to seeing that. Also there are no beaches close by like there are in Florida. But I make up for the beach with hiking, fishing and floating down the river when we have time. It has been a really cool experience thus far and has helped me grow as a person.

What advice do you have for the incoming freshmen starting with the team this fall?
The one thing I have to say is to get on top of your academics right away and take advantage of learning resources. Our schedule for baseball takes up most of our time and you can find yourself in the hole pretty quickly with school work if you don't stay on it.

What has it been like to play with teammates from all over the country?
It has been a lot of fun. Its really cool to hear about what other universities are like from other players and also what it's like playing there. I think the best part is later meeting up with players in the regular season because you have some history together from summer ball and it's fun to compete against each other.

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