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Summer Ball Q&A: Blake Butera

<i>Photos courtesy of the Chatham Anglers' website.</i>

Photos courtesy of the Chatham Anglers' website.

July 7, 2014

Rising senior infielder Blake Butera is spending his second summer playing for the Chatham Anglers in the Cape Cod Baseball League, deemed the premier summer league in the country. Although minor injuries have kept him from a few games, he has been hitting well, batting .326 with three doubles and five RBIs in 13 games. The Anglers (12-9) are currently on a four-game win streak.

This is your second year playing for Chatham in the Cape. What has the experience been like as a returning player?
It has been a great experience coming back to Chatham for my second year. The coaches and fans have treated me very well and it was nice going into the summer already knowing what to expect.

Did you have any advice for your BC teammates Chris Shaw and Jeff Burke, who were coming to the team for their first time?
The only advice I had for Chris and Jeff was just to play hard and enjoy the great experience of getting to play in the Cape League. They became acclimated pretty easily and they're both having a great summer so far. It's been fun playing on the same team with them.

You are playing baseball almost nightly on the Cape but when you do have some free time, how do you like to spend it?
When we do get some free time around here we usually go down to the beach with some teammates or go fishing.

What is the competition on the Cape like? What have you learned from some of your teammates who you play against during the year?
The competition in this league is some of the best I've played against. Everyone on my team feels the same way and we usually just talk to each other throughout the games and help each other to keep playing well.

When you come back to the Heights in the fall, you'll be heading into your senior year. What do you hope to accomplish on the field with the team?
I'm really looking forward to next year at school. We have a great group of guys this year and I think we're going to accomplish some great things and surprise a lot of people. We're all looking to win an ACC championship and then continuing on to Omaha. I'm very excited to show everyone what our team is capable of doing next year.

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