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Donor Spotlight: Jack Kennedy '61

Jaqui and Jack '61 Kennedy

Jaqui and Jack '61 Kennedy

Aug 20, 2013

Throughout Flynn Fund Appreciation Week, the Flynn Fund office will be spotlighting a different BC Athletics donor. Today's donor spotlight features Jack Kennedy '61 and his new wife, Jacqui. The couple reside in Hampton, New Hampshire, and are among the most loyal and passionate fans. In fact, Jack and Jacqui make the long drive to the Heights for every home football, hockey, men's and women's basketball games.

Jack has been a generous annual donor to BC Athletics for over three decades. He designates his annual gifts to the Flynn Fund allowing BC to utilize his generosity to fulfill current needs of the Athletic Department ensuring competitive athletic experiences and academic excellence. Below please find some of Jack's thoughts about supporting BC Athletics.

Why do you feel it is important to support BC Athletics?
As an institution, Boston College maintains a reputation of academic and athletic excellence. This is due to a great extent to its outstanding coaches and facilities, but also and perhaps even more importantly it is the result of BC's unwavering commitment to high academic standards and commitment to developing the character and integrity of BC's student-athletes. Supporting BC Athletics is a tangible way of showing my appreciation for the quality of student-athletes that the school attracts, educates and graduates. Excellence on the field, in the classroom and beyond - that's what BC Athletics is all about and why I am proud to be a supporter.

To what designation did you choose to give and why?
As a Flynn Fund member, I am able to pay tribute to the past and the outstanding individuals who enhanced my own experience as a BC student (specifically, Fr. Joseph Shea, SJ, founder of the Blue Chips) while at the same time investing in the future for so many worthy student-athletes.

How would you like to see your gift impact today's generation of BC students?
It is my hope that today's generation of BC students-athletes will be inspired by their experiences and that they will proudly represent Boston College through lives of meaning and purpose to others. If my gift can help make that happen, I will be thrilled.

With so many great charitable organizations you could choose to support, why do you include BC among your philanthropic priorities?
Boston College is at the top of my list of philanthropic priorities because it tops the list of experiences, places and people which have had the greatest influence in my life. Giving back to BC is a way of demonstrating my gratitude for the many blessings I have been afforded in life. The outstanding academic education I received at BC has served me well in my career as an educator and business owner. Moreover, my BC experience - grounded on a firm foundation of values, integrity, self-discipline and faith - helped me to grow immensely as a person.

Please share one of your most memorable experiences as a Boston College student.
As a Boston College student, I was among those who had the privilege of attending the very first BC football game at the brand new Alumni Stadium. We played Navy that day and the stadium was packed. The results were not what we were hoping for, but the enthusiasm and excitement of the day almost made up for that!

Describe your experiences cheering on the Eagles on game day.
My wife Jacqui (a fellow Eagle who received her master's degree from BC) and I travel from Hampton Beach to attend just about every football, men's and women's basketball and men's ice hockey game each season. Some people are amazed that we travel "all the way from New Hampshire," but we wouldn't miss it for the world. The camaraderie is terrific and we cherish the times we spend reuniting with our BC friends!

How have you seen BC change since you were a student?
The BC campus has grown significantly since I was a student! Both the academic and athletic facilities have expanded in ways that ensure BC students are able to compete at the highest possible level in the classroom and on the field, court and ice. What hasn't changed is BC's commitment to the core values of Jesuit education. I can see and feel that every time I'm on campus and have the opportunity to interact with a BC student-athlete.

What would you say to a friend who was considering joining the Flynn Fund?
The Flynn Fund is a terrific way to give back to BC. For me, it has been an outstanding way to acknowledge the positive impact that my BC education and experience have had on my life. You can be assured that your Flynn Fund donation will be put to very good use to support the outstanding facilities, coaches and student-athletes at Boston College.

What are you most looking forward to in 2013-14 season?
My wife and I are looking forward to reuniting with our BC friends in the upcoming 2013-14 season. The friendships renewed and camaraderie of game days can't be beat. Throw in some clam chowder, hot dogs and wins for our Eagles and we've got it made!

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