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Flynn Fund

The Flynn Fund Scholar-Athlete Program

In lieu of a multi-year commitment for an endowment, you may choose to participate in the Flynn Fund Scholar-Athlete Program. With a gift of $25,000, a donor may fund the scholarship of a single student-athlete in any athletics program for an entire year. The gift provides the University with resources it can use immediately to provide financial-aid to one of our 700+ student-athletes.

The student-athletes are informed of their scholarships, and the donors receive information about the student-athletes who benefit from their generosity. Donors are invited to an annual gathering with the student-athlete they support where they will meet the recipients who have benefited from this program. This initiative enables donors to make a direct and immediate impact on BC's ability to provide scholarships.

To become a Flynn Fund Scholar-Athlete Donor please call 617-552-0772.

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