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Athletics play a significant role in the mission and spirit of Boston College. The University's athletic program embodies the Jesuit endeavor to educate the whole person. Rather than existing as an entity separate from the University's academic mission, athletics complement the intellectual and spiritual life of Boston College. The University's student-athletes demonstrate intensive self-discipline, motivation, and heart, excelling not only as competitors, but also as advanced and committed scholars.

Varsity sports put the most deeply held principles of Boston College into action. In addition, they provide a unifying forum for students, alumni, relatives, and friends to remember their special connections with the University as they come together to cheer the Eagles on to victory.

Among the major goals of Boston College's $1.5 billion Light the World Campaign is building the financial resources for all men's and women's athletics programs. In order to provide this crucial support, the University is striving to expand its endowment for athletic scholarships, enabling the recruitment of the nation's most gifted and deserving student-athletes. Additionally, the need for current use funds and facility enhancement are included among the six campaign funding priorities.

Below, please find options for giving to athletics:

Endowed Athletics Scholarships

  • Endowed athletics scholarships are a way for Boston College Athletics to ensure long-term success of the department by making sure there will be sufficient income to support our student-athletes long into the future. These funds are invested in the University's endowment and approximately 5% of the value of a fund supports the scholarship for your designated recipient each year.
  • Endowed funds can be established with a gift of $250,000. You would have the opportunity to name the fund according to your wishes - this can be in honor or memory of a loved one or to establish a family legacy. You may also personalize your fund to match your interests; perhaps to a specific sport or for a student-athlete enrolled in a particular school. The fund would live in perpetuity at BC and provide support to a student-athlete. You would have the opportunity to meet the recipient of your fund each year and watch them as they grow as a student and athlete at BC.
  • Endowed funds established at the $1M level provide the opportunity to restrict, in perpetuity a specific position on a team. For instance one may choose to support the starting running back on the football team.
  • By agreeing to enrich our athletes in this way you would be invited to our annual gathering of student-athletes to kick off the year and meet your recipient. You would also receive periodic updates on the performance of the fund, its history and detailed biographical information on your recipient from the Athletic Director.
  • Athletics Financial Aid Fund

  • A named endowed fund may also be established with a commitment of $100,000. The difference is that you would not be able to restrict the fund to a specific sport and the fund would not be assigned to a specific student-athlete. Instead, it would be a part of the general athletics endowment in support of scholarships.
  • A Support Operating Endowment

  • Funds in support of operating expenses may be established with a commitment of $100,000 or more and can be designated for operating expenses associated with any of our 31 varsity sports. For instance a football operating fund could enhance the annual support of this program.
  • Facilities Enhancement Fund

  • For future projects we want to have funds immediately available. This may include a myriad of different options in the future such as expanding, renovating or updating specific areas in Conte Forum, renovating spaces in the Yawkey Center, etc. It would be important to demonstrate that funds are readily available when we embark on any number of facility projects for the department.
  • For information on contributing to these funds please contact the Flynn Fund at (617) 552-0772.

    Endowed Funds Established to Benefit Boston College Athletics

    The Abel Family Scholarship FundMikaela Rix '15 (Lacrosse)Previous Recipients
    Joseph T. Alves '44, '48 Scholarship FundMaura Keith '15 (Field Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Margaret Hanrahan Ambrose Scholarship FundBryce Jones '16 (Football)Previous Recipients
    Anonymous (4)Kaliya Johnson '16 (Women's Ice Hockey) 
    The Barko Family Scholarship FundDanielle Gaudette '16 (Women's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The Angelo V. Berlandi Hockey Scholarship FundAustin Cangelosi '17 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Berry '87 and Mai '91 Family Scholoarship Fund Eric Stevens '14 (Baseball) 
    The Jack Bicknell, Sr. Scholarship FundBobby Swigert '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Robert S. Boova ' 73 Family Scholarship FundMehdi Abdesmad '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Botica Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for Women's AthleticsCorinne Boyles '13 (Women's Ice Hockey) Previous Recipients
    The Bristing Scholoarship FundBrian Billett '15 (Men's Ice Hockey) 
    The Eric A. Brock '92 and Susan L. Brock '93 ScholarshipJeff Burke '16 (Baseball)Previous Recipients
    The John E. Buehler, Jr. Family Athletic Scholarship FundLuke Fernandes '16 (Baseball) Previous Recipients
    The Brett & Lisbeth Burns Family Scholarship FundJohnny Gaudreau '15 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Callahan Family Scholarship Paige Norris '14 (Field Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Cannon Family Football Scholarship FundSean Sylvia '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    Carney Family Athletics Scholarship FundDennis Clifford '15 (Men's Basketball) 
    The Carr Family ScholarshipJaqueline Young '14 (Women's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Wallace E. Carroll, Jr. '66 Athletic Scholarship FundCagla Sen '14 (Volleyball)Previous Recipients
    The Joseph S. Carter, Jr. '80 and Family Scholarship FundLonnie Jackson '15 (Men's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The Carter Family Scholarship FundNicole Morris (Field Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Theresa Falzone Catapano '79 Memorial Scholarship FundShayra Brown '14 (Women's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The Cerullo Family Scholarship FundBarbara Gonzalez '17 (Volleyball) 
    The Chambers Family Scholarship for FootballDan Lembke '15 (Football) 
    The Cleary Family Scholarship FundKara Magley '16 (Lacrosse)Previous Recipients
    The Maureen and Edward F. Coakley '57 Golf Scholarship FundBradley Klune '14 (Men's Golf)Previous Recipients
    The Maureen and Edward F. Coakley '57 Hockey Scholarship FundIan McCoshen '17 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Francis and Joyce Colangelo Scholarship FundClaire Blohm '14 (Lacrosse)Previous Recipients
    The Patrick Coleman Family Athletics ScholarshipHeini Salonen '16 (Tennis)Previous Recipients
    The Armond Colombo Endowed Football Scholarship FundDominique Williams '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Condon-McSoley Family Scholarship FundLauren Engelin '15 (Women's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The John J. Connor '44 Continuing Education FundJake Sinkovec '13 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Connors Family Golf ScholarshipJohn Jackopsic '15 (Men's Golf)Previous Recipients
    The Thomas P. Connor '43 Memorial Scholarship FundSam Lloyd '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Corrado and Potapchuck Family Scholarship FundKameron McLain '16 (Volleyball)Previous Recipients
    Thomas and Birdie Costello Scholarship FundMadeline Davidson '14 (Women's Track and Field)Previous Recipients
    The Cote Family Football Scholarship FundCJ Jones '14 (Football) 
    The Cowhig Family Endowed Athletic Scholarship FundMadison Meehan '16 (Women's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The David J. Coyle Family Scholarship FundKathleen "Kat" Cooper '15 (Women's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The David F. '58 and Patricia E. Cronin Scholarship FundDanielle Doherty '14 (Women's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    Paul G. Crotty '33 Memorial Scholarship FundAlana DiMaso '14 (Softball)Previous Recipients
    The Robert W. Crowley '50 Golf Scholarship FundEddie McQuiston '15 (Men's Golf)Previous Recipients
    The John P. Cunniff '66 Memorial Hockey Scholarship FundRyan Fitzgerald '17 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Joan P. and William J. Cunningham, Jr. '57 ScholarshipDave Bowen '15 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The William J. Cunningham III Memorial Golf Scholarship FundJacob van de Flierdt '17 (Men's Golf)Previous Recipients
    The Brad and Tracy Curley Scholarship FundDave Crimmins '16 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Michael J. Curran '31 Endowed Scholarship FundMelissa Chavez '14 (Rowing)Previous Recipients
    The Curtis Family Scholarship FundKatty Workman '16 (Volleyball)Previous Recipients
    The D'Agostine Family Athletic Scholarship Fund IJim McCaffrey '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The D'Agostine Family Athletic Scholarship Fund IIStephanie Lord '16 (Softball)Previous Recipients
    The Dailey Family Scholarship FundJana Jeffery '16 (Women's Soccer) 
    The Paul Patrick Daley, Esquire '63 Student-Athlete Scholarship FundTeddy Doherty '16 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    DeFilippo Family Scholarship for Women's AthleticsEmma Plasteras '15 (Field Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Deloitte and Touche Scholarship FundChealsea Dimon '15 (Softball)Previous Recipients
    The Joan and James J. '51 Derba Football Scholarship Fund  
    The Devlin Family Athletic ScholarshipHannah Mulvey '14 (Field Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Donovan Family Scholarship FundNicole Boudreau '16 (Women's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The Donna and Frank Doyle Scholarship FundMoira Barry '14 (Lacrosse)Previous Recipients
    The Driscoll Family Hockey Scholarship FundTaylor Wasylk '14 & Matt Gaudreau '17 (Women's Ice Hockey and Men's Ice Hockey) Previous Recipients
    The Reverend Maurice V. Dullea, S.J. '17 Scholarship FundManny Asprilla '15 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Kevin J. '75 and Suzanne P. '74 Dwyer Scholarship FundNicole Schuster '14 (Field Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Fee Family Athletics Scholarship FundLouis Addazio '16 (Football) 
    The Fish Conerstone Scholarship FundAndre Williams '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The William J. Flynn '39 Memorial Scholarship for BaseballBlake Butera '15 (Baseball)Previous Recipients
    The James P. '51, GA&S '53, and Edwina Burns Foley FundHaley Skarupa '16 (Women's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Ellen Marie Frost Memorial Scholarship FundStephanie McCaffrey '15 (Women's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Paul Fulchino Scholarship FundBill Arnold '14 (Men's Ice Hockey) 
    The Gaffney Family Football ScholarshipSteven Daniels '16 (Football)Previous Recipients
    Gailius FamilyChris Shaw '16 (Baseball)Previous Recipients
    The Edward M. Gallagher, Jr. Scholarship FundVictoria DiMartino '14 (Women's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Barry Gallup '69 Athletics Scholarship FundDominic Appiah '13 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Joan S. and Thomas J. Giblin '50 Athletic Scholarship FundMike Naples '13 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The William P. Gilligan '40, M.A. '41 Track ScholarshipMorgan Mueller '14 (Track and Field)Previous Recipients
    The Arthur M. Goldberg Memorial Scholarship FundMeghan Miller (Women's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Gonzalez-Molina Family Scholarship  
    The Gosselin Family Scholarship Fund  
    The Peter Russell Gray '89 Memorial Football ScholarshipJarrett Darmstatter '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Tom and Stephanie Greene Men's Tennis Fund  
    The Joan and Thomas Greulick-Byron Athletic Scholarship Fund  
    The Gridiron Club Football ScholarshipBrian Miller '15 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The William J. Hajjar '49 Scholarship FundDave Dudeck '16 (Football) Previous Recipients
    The Hanna Family Athletics Scholarship FundCaroline 'Cali" Ceglarski '14 (Lacrosse) Previous Recipients
    The Hanson Family Athletics ScholarshipSean Duggan '15 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The John L. Harrington Scholar Athlete FundJoe Cronin '16 (Baseball)Previous Recipients
    The Hayes Family Scholarship FundJoshua Keyes '15 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Anne and Gerald B. Healy Scholarship for Academic Excellence Alex Amidon '14 (Football) Previous Recipients
    The Heffernan Family Men's Hockey FundDestry Straight '15 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Daniel '79 and Elizabeth '80 Hennessey Endowed Scholarship Fund Hannah Nedeau '15 (Field Hockey)Previous Recipients
    Herendeen Family Scholarship Fund Andy Mai '15 (Men's Golf) 
    The Jay and Michaela Murphy '86 Hoag Scholarship for Men's BasketballOlivier Hanlan '16 (Men's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The Joseph P. '88 and Donna L. Hoffman Scholarship in Memory of Joseph S. HoffmanIsaac MacLeod '14 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Coach Mike Holovak Endowment Fund Rich Gunnell 'Grad' (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Ronald W. Hovsepian Family Scholarship Fund Covie Stanwick '15 (Lacrosse)Previous Recipients
    The Howe Family Scholarship Fund MacLaine Sisco '15 (Rowing)Previous Recipients
    The Marie and Jay W. Hughes '52 Endowed Athletic ScholarshipCaroline Margolis '16 (Lacrosse)Previous Recipients
    The Hughes Family Scholarship Fund Rachel Igoe '15 (Lacrosse)Previous Recipients
    The Hughes Family Athletic ScholarshipJohn Gorman '15 (Baseball)Previous Recipients
    The Jones Family Scholarship  
    The William B. and Mary H. Joyce Memorial Scholarship FundKyle Caudill '15 (Men's Basketball) 
    Joseph J. Kelleher '31 Memorial Scholarship Fund Emily Hoffend '15 (Women's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The John A. Kelley Athletic Scholarship Fund Chris Ager '14 (Men's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Margaret P. and Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. Family ScholarshipMolly Erdle '16 (Lacrosse) Previous Recipients
    The William J. Kelty Family Scholarship Fund Zoe Lombard '14 (Women's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Kilcullen Family Basketball ScholarshipEddie Odio '15 (Men's Basketball) Previous Recipients
    The King Family Football Scholarship Fund Jessic Wacnik '15 (Tennis) Previous Recipients
    The King Family Athletics ScholarshipKasim Edebali '13 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Knight Family ScholarshipSeth Betancourt '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Kopfler Family Baseball Scholarship John Nicklas '16 (Baseball)Previous Recipients
    The Charles R. '56 and Judith Laverty Scholarship FundIan White '13 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Reverend Francis V. Sullivan, S.J. '21 Scholarship Fund   
    The Leahy Family Scholarship FundMichael Matheson '16 (Men's Ice Hockey) 
    The Leber Family Football Scholarship Justin Simmons '16 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Robert J. LeBlanc Scholarship FundHarris Williams '14 (Football) Previous Recipients
    The Lemay Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Kristen Doherty '14 (Women's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The BC Linebacker Scholarship Fund Tim Joy '16 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Griffith Loeber Family Women's Athletics Scholarship  
    The Lombardi Family Scholarship FundEmily Pfalzer '15 (Women's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Lunder Foundation Scholar-Athlete Fund Nick Colucci '15 (Baseball)Previous Recipients
    The Geraldine M. Lyon Endowed Scholarship Fund  
    The Daniel E. Lyons Athletic Scholarship Fund Geoff Murphy & Blake Bolden (Baseball & Women's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Lytle Family Basketball Scholarship FundPatrick Heckmann '15 (Men's Basketball) Previous Recipients
    The Hugh and Doris MacIsaac Family Scholarship Fund Danny Linell '15 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Paul J. Maguire '42 Memorial Scholarship Fund Kevin Pratt '14 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Maher Family Ski Team Endowment Fund  
    The Christopher Markey Tennis Fund  
    The Marshall Family Scholarship Fund  
    The Martignetti Family Scholarship Fund Patrice Vettori '14 (Women's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Martin Family Hockey Scholarship FundSteve Santini '17 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Joanne S. and Edward L. Marut Scholarship FundLauren Bernard '16 (Women's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Philip J. McArdle '27, M.A. '28 Scholarship Fund Curtric "Spiffy" Evans '15 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The McAuliffe Family Scholarship Fund   
    The Reverend Paul F. McCarrick '52 Scholarship Fund  
    The McCourt Family Football ScholarshipNate Freese '13 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Thomas McElroy Memorial Scholarship Fund Matt Wendelken '15 (Men's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Jay McGillis '93 Memorial Scholarship Fund Teddy Davenport '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Gerald McGovern '72 and Family Women's Track ScholarshipAshlynn Fields '16 (Track & Field)Previous Recipients
    The McKevitt Family Financial Aid Fund  
    The William S. McKiernan '78 Family Scholarship for Men's BasketballJoe Rahon '16 (Men's Basketball) 
    The Bill and Kate McLaughlin Women's Athletics Scholarship Fund Liv Westphal '15 (Track & Field) 
    Richard W. '52 and Marilyn S. McLaughlin Scholarship Fund Courtney Castle '15 (Volleyball)Previous Recipients
    Barbara F. McManama Scholarship Fund for Women's Basketball Alexa Coulombe '16 (Women's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The Marianne T. and Kevin P. Meenan Family Scholarship Fund Keiran Borcich '15 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Frederick A. '32 and Louise M. Meier Endowed Scholarship  
    The Mellin Family Scholarship Fund Kathleen Leary '15 (Women's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Arthur G. and Isabel M. Melville Memorial ScholarshipAlycia Da'Loia Moore '14 (Rowing)Previous Recipients
    The Stephen V. Miller Scholarship Fund Alexander Kapp '16 (Men's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Mingolelli Family Scholarship Fund  
    The Mita Family Scholarship Fund Stephen Sauter '16 (Baseball)Previous Recipients
    The Molinaro FundMike Marscovetra '13 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Montminy Family Scholarship Fund Kara O'Connell '14 (Lacrosse) 
    The Moores Family Scholarship Fund Malachi Moore '16 (Football) 
    The Morrissey Brothers Memorial Hockey Fund Teddy Doherty '16 (Men's Ice Hockey) Previous Recipients
    The Al Morro Fund for Academic and Athletic Excellence Nicole D'Argento '13 (Softball)Previous Recipients
    The Richard L. Mucci '72 and Family Scholarship Fund Katlyn Soucy '15 (Field Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Mullenholz Family Fund for Sailing  
    The Christopher J. Murphy '86 Memorial Scholarship Fund  
    The James G. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund Melissa McTighe, Emily Field, Christian Johnson (Volleyball, Women's Ice Hockey, Men's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Walter F. Murphy, Jr. '67 Memorial Scholarship Fund Emma Metzger '15 (Rowing)Previous Recipients
    The Nemia Family Scholarship Fund Danny Linell '15 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The William F. Newell, Jr. '52 Scholarship FundAmber Cooper '16 (Women's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The Salvatore and Angelina Nicoletta Athletic Scholarship Fund Jessica Mickelson '14 (Women's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Peter S. Nictakis Baseball Scholarship Fund Bobby Skogsbergh '17 (Baseball)Previous Recipients
    The George J. Norberg '39 Memorial Scholarship FundScott Savage '17 (Men's Ice Hockey) Previous Recipients
    The Nugent Family Football Scholarship Jaryd Rudolph '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Edward J. O'Brien, Jr. M.D. Men's Ice Hockey Scholarship Brendan Silk '16 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Edward J. O'Brien, Jr. M.D. '63 Football Scholarship Christian Suntrup '15 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Kevin J. O'Brien Family Financial Aid Fund  
    The John F. O'Hagan Memorial Football ScholarshipMike Strizak '16 (Football) 
    The Adam M. Osborne Scholarship Fund Virgynia Muma '13 (Field Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Edward C. Pellegrini Scholarship Fund Nathan La Pointe '14 (Baseball)Previous Recipients
    The Pennick and Duque Fund for Women's Basketball and Softball  
    The Manuel F. Perdigao '56 Scholarship FundChapin Duke '14 (Field Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Petrillo Family ScholarshipJim Cashman '16 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Pike's Peak Hockey Scholarship FundEvan Richardson '17 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Pollock Family Scholarship for Women's Athletics Fund Melissa Bizzari '14 (Women's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    The Richard F. Powers, Jr. '40 Quarterback Scholarship FundChase Rettig '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Michael F. Price Endowed Athletic FundTahj Kimble '14 (Football) 
    The Quick Family Scholarship FundKevin Pierre-Louis '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Joseph Ramos, M.D. '77 Football Scholarship FundSteele Divitto '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Ramsey Family Athletic Scholarship Fund Kathryn Riley '16 (Lacrosse) Previous Recipients
    The Rhein Family Athletics Fund  
    E. Paul Robsham, Jr. Goalie Scholarship Fund for Men's HockeyThatcher Demko '17 (Men's Ice Hockey) Previous Recipients
    The Roe Family Scholarship Fund Stephanie Sabatini '16 (Lacrosse)Previous Recipients
    The Roundball Club Scholarship Thomas Higginbotham '14 (Men's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The James Ryan Family Scholarship Fund Brendan Silk '16 (Men's Ice Hockey)Previous Recipients
    Whip '53 and Ruby Saltmarsh Hockey Endowment Fund  
    The Charles F. Sampson Memorial Fund  
    The Robert R. Santangelo Family Athletics Scholarship FundConnor Wujciak '15 (Football) Previous Recipients
    The Orrie T. Scarminach '71 Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund Brian Mihalik '15 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Schiller Family Men's Ice Hockey Scholarship FundKevin Jayes '14 (Men's Ice Hockey)  
    The Anne F. Schoen Memorial Scholarship FundKatie Zenevitch '14 (Women's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The Schoenherr Family Scholarship Fund  
    The Scobbo Family Student-Athlete Learning Resources Fund  
    The Reverend Joseph L. Shea, S.J. '40, M.A. '46, LL.D. '64 (hon.) Scholarship Fund Rachel Hess '15 (Rowing)Previous Recipients
    The Inez MacKinnon Simeone '61 Memorial Fund  
    The Peggy Simons Memorial Scholarship Fund Megan Cooley '16 (Softball)Previous Recipients
    The Skeffington Family Scholarship Fund McKenzie Meehan '16 (Women's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Charles P. '66 and Elizabeth Kelly '67 Smith and Family Fund in Memory of Caroline Lombardi Previous Recipients
    The Timothy S. Smith Memorial Athletics Scholarship Fund Kaitlyn Votta '15 (Rowing)Previous Recipients
    Smith Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Spenser Rositano '15 (Football)  
    The Mary M. and William H. Sullivan, Jr. '37 Scholarship Fund Albert Louis-Jean '15 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Robert F. and Elaine A. Sullivan Scholarship FundKarima Gabriel '15 (Women's Basketball) Previous Recipients
    The Teborek Family Fund for Sailing  
    The Timmons Family Scholarship  
    The Tomecek/Tracy Scholarship FundThomas Bourdon '14 (Baseball) Previous Recipients
    The James '60 and Joan Tonra Athletic Scholoarship Margaret Hanlon '15 (Rowing) 
    The Richard L. Trum '37 Endowed Scholarship Annuity Fund Alanna Poretta '14 (Women's Track)Previous Recipients
    The Jim Unis Athletics Scholarship Keith Bourne '13 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The George M. Van Cott '62 Memorial Scholarship Fund  
    The Vincent Family Financial Aid Fund  
    The Wade Family Scholarship FundRyan Anderson '15 (Men's Basketball)Previous Recipients
    The John F. Walsh '65 Family Football Scholarship FundJosh Bordner '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The David W. Wang '88 Scholarship in Memory of Barbara C. Hwang Gibby Wagner '14 (Women's Soccer)Previous Recipients
    The Gerry Ward Family Scholarship Alex Dragicevich '14 (Men's Basketball) Previous Recipients
    The Winn Family Athletics Scholarship FundTory Speer '14 (Softball)Previous Recipients
    The Mr. and Mrs. John Wisniewski '50 Scholarship Fund Andy Gallik '14 (Football)Previous Recipients
    The Thomas A. Yawkey Scholarship FundAndrew Chin '15 (Baseball) Previous Recipients
    The Yost Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for AthleticsNick Corliss '14 (Men's Soccer) Previous Recipients
    The Women's Ice Hockey Athletics Scholarship Fund    

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