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Skiing's Cutting Devotes Time to the Slopes and the Campus School

Junior Katie Cutting

Junior Katie Cutting

Feb. 13, 2013

Skiing has been an influential factor in the course of Katie Cutting's life right from the start. The Boston College junior has been hitting the slopes since she was two years old.

Inspired by her father, who is a life-long skier, Cutting began racing when she was eight. Her love affair with the sport really took off in high school as she formed a network of connections throughout her home state of Vermont. The sense of community her relationships created made racing on weekends a sort of homecoming for Cutting, as she reunited with many of the people she met over the years.

At the Heights, Cutting has found a fun-loving team that enjoys the sport as much as she does.

"We enjoy spending time together and just skiing," Cutting said. "I really love all my teammates."

Even though she lives for skiing and loves being on the team, Cutting says she has to remind herself to have fun in order to perform her best. There are a lot of factors that go into each race, from the weather to the terrain, but Cutting does her best to put that all out of her mind and just enjoy herself.

"Having fun, that's the point of being out there," Cutting said. "It can become nerve racking if you think about all the different influences on the race. My coach did say the other day, `you were smiling when you passed me,' so that's good to know."

Starting last season, the Eagles moved into the Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association (EISA), which was a step up in competition, according to Cutting. It was intense at first, she recalled but now that they know the other teams on and off the mountain, it is a lot easier. She feels like the team fits in this year because it knows what to expect after feeling like outsiders a season ago.

With the competition jump, Cutting has worked to keep a balance between her training and her school work. A nursing student, Cutting is also a resident assistant on campus. To make sure she stays on top of things, Cutting has multiple to-do lists going at a time and leaves herself notes strategically placed around her room as reminders.

Cutting also devotes much of her time to community service serving as a board member on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). She oversees the work done in association with the Boston College Campus School, where she reads to a class each week as a literacy buddy. The Campus School educates children with a variety of disabilities. She is working on a program to get more student-athletes to do work at the Campus School, setting up times for them to go into the classrooms while raising awareness about the school at the Heights.

It was a series of chance events that led Cutting to her position on the SAAC board. She received an e-mail saying that the ski team needed a representative on the board. After she mentioned it to the team captain, Cutting was appointed as the team representative. She began working alongside the board member who was running the Campus School activities at the time and enjoyed it. When that student graduated, Cutting stepped into her role.

"It's really cool to work with such a special group of student-athletes," Cutting said. "I really like being around people and working with and helping them in any way that I can."

With the skills she has gained through her work on the SAAC board, Cutting is hoping to step into a leadership position on the ski team. Next year she will be the only senior on the team so she knows she has to be a good model for her younger teammates.

"I want to help keep things positive for the underclassmen," Cutting said. "I lead a lot through example so I want to show them the positive ways I have been influenced by BC and how they can be too. I also want to show them all the opportunities that are here."

Written by senior Eddie Lockhart

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