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What is SAAC

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The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a committee of student-athletes representing each sports team within the Boston College Athletic Association. The SAAC is a bridge linking student-athlete concerns with the BC administration. Along with major community service projects involving multiple teams, the board is called upon to give input on improving student-athlete welfare at Boston College. The SAAC provides vital input on student-athlete support services to all Boston College student-athletes. BC's SAAC aims carry on the Jesuit tradition of service to others.

SAAC meets monthly to discuss issues relating to Boston College student-athletes, to bring forth concerns or suggestions for programming for student-athletes, and to plan community service projects.


"We Are BC" is a University wide initiative to promote a fun, safe and respectful environment here at Boston College. Through the four tenets, pride, passion, respect, and responsibility, we look to make everyone's stay here at Boston College the very best it can be.