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    Athletic Administration 552-8520
    Brad Bates Director of Athletics 552-4681  
    TBD Administrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics 552-4680  
    John Kane Senior Associate Athletic Director 552-8840
    Jody Mooradian Senior Associate Athletics Director - SWA 552-4801
    Tom Peters Senior Associate Athletic Director 552-4682
    Philip Doricent Receptionist/Staff Assistant Athletic Administration 552-8520
    Maria Knoerr Intern, Administration 552-6456  
    Evan Librizzi Intern, Administration/SWA 552-2276  
    Athletic Maintenance 552-3030
    Matt Hayes Manager Athletic Maintenance
    Norm Reid Supervisor Athletic Maintenance
    Tom Walsh
    Supervisor Athletic Maintenance
    Business Operations 552-1463
    David Ayer Business Manager 552-1463
    Laurie Nahigan Assistant Business Manager 552-8879
    Melissa Wong Fiscal Assistant 552-3021
    Carlene Pariseau Associate Athletics Director - Compliance 552-6210
    Aaron Aaker Assistant Athletics Director - Compliance and Eligibility
    Christine Lowthert Assistant Director for Compliance and Recruiting
    Yadira Reyes Compliance Assistant
    Paul Flaherty Concessions Manager
    Brian Pinarreta Assistant Concessions Manager
    Development 552-0772
    Steve Novak Assistant Athletics Director - Athletic Development 552-0711
    Joseph Foley Director - Athletic Major Giving 552-6678
    Brandon Spurlock Associate Director - Capital & Special Gifts 552-8985
    Travis DeMar Associate Director - Flynn Fund Operations 552-0704
    Jade Prickett Assistant Director - Athletic Stewardship & Donor Relations 552-6824
    Mitchell White Assistant Director - Flynn Fund Operations 552-0108
    Tristan Mulcahy Assistant Director - Flynn Fund Operations 552-0145
    Equipment Room 552-6467
    Kevin Murphy Head Football Equipment Manager 552-3015
    Kelly Kenny Head Equipment Manager 552-6202
    Stephen Remick Assistant Manager 552-3013
    Andrew Zagorianakos Assistant Manager 552-4785
    Liam Bevans Intern, Equipment Room (YAC) 552-0824
    External Operations 552-3005
    Jamie DiLoreto Associate Athletics Director - External Operations 552-1504
    Brad Truman Associate Director - Sports Marketing & Licensing 552-8944
    Katie Foley Assistant Director - Sports Marketing & Web Development 552-1503
    Laurel Carter Marketing Intern 552-3005
    Fenway Sports Management: Corporate Sales and Sponsorship (FSM)
    Matt Murrey Vice President - Sponsorship Sales 552-8964
    Kristina Pantalone Coordinator of Client Services 552-2424
    IMG College: Corporate Radio Sales
    Duke Little General Manager 552-8986
    Operations (Event Management) 552-2628
    Matt Conway Assistant Athletics Director - Operations 552-6672
    Amy Lampe Assistant Director - Operations 552-2186
    Michael Morris Intern - Operations 552-2628
    Facilities 552-2628
    TBA Assistant Athletics Director - Facilities 552-0601  
    Billy Flutie Assistant Director - Facilities/Camps & Clinics 552-0196  
    Campus Recreation - Flynn Complex
    Caitriona Taylor Director,- Campus Recreation 552-1397
    Eric Zeckman Associate Director - Facilities and Operations 552-2479
    Kenneth Turbush Associate Director - Programming & Student Development 552-9675
    Sandy Corsi Manager - Membership Sales & Services
    Emily Charnowski Assistant Director - Club Sports and Recreational Camps 552-0333  
    Terence Gilman Manager - Recreational Facilities
    Bryan Sun Business Manager 552-2904
    Megan Burkes Manager, Marketing and Communications 552-6136
    Daryl Shreve Assistant Director - Intramural & Instructional Programming 552-1788
    Eli Crispell Assistant Director - Outdoor Activities 552-3283
    Judy Wetherbee Staff Assistant 552-8081
    Leonardo Torres Assistant Director - Aquatics 552-6204
    Hilary De Vries Assistant Director - Fitness and Wellness 552-6094
    Brian Walsh Manager - Recreation Facilities 552-1086
    Jeannette Romeo Group Exercise Coordinator 552-2490
    Learning Resources 552-8533
    Dard Miller Director - Learning Resources for Student-Athletes 552-8533
    Lee Metzger Assistant Director - Learning Resources 552-0617
    Clare Turkington Assistant Director - Learning Resources 552-0616
    Lee LeBlanc
    Administrative Assistant
    Patrice Bouzan
    Learning Specialist/Academic Counselor
    Amy Morgan Academic Counselor 552-0614
    Kristina von Harten Academic Counselor 552-3151
    Bob Taggart Faculty Athletics Representative    
    Life Skills/Olympic Sports
    Alison Quandt Student-Athlete Development 552-1784
    Athletic Communications 552-3004
    Chris Cameron Associate Athletics Director - Athletic Communications 552-3004
    Dick Kelley Assistant Athletics Director - Athletic Communications
    Stephanie Tunnera Assistant Athletics Director - Athletic Communications (Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer, Sailing) 552-0524
    Tim Clark Assistant Director - Athletic Communications (Football) 552-8841
    Matthew Lynch Assistant Director - Athletic Communications (Men's Basketball, Men's Soccer) 552-2193
    Zanna Ollove Assistant Director - Athletic Communications (Baseball, Field Hockey) 552-2004
    Mark Majewski Assistant Director- Athletic Communications (Men's Ice Hockey) 552-2094
    Dominique Oliveto Communications Assistant (Lacrosse, Women's Rowing, Tennis, Volleyball) 552-1188
    Brendan Doyle Communications Assistant (Cross Country/Track & Field, Golf, Women's Hockey, Softball) 552-4508
    Thomas Yorke Student Intern (Skiing) 552-3004
    Andrew Bono Student Intern (Fencing) 552-3004
    Dillon Coyne Student Intern (Swimming) 552-3004
    Sports Medicine, Yawkey Center 552-9113
    Steve Bushee Assistant Athletics Director - Sports Medicine 552-3009
    Michael Vigneau Associate Director - Sports Medicine 552-1126
    Megan Smalley Resident Assistant 552-9112
    Michael Buonopane Resident Assistant 552-9112
    Daniel Hickey Resident Assistant 552-9112
    Sports Medicine, Conte Forum 552-4540
    Bert Lenz Director - Sports Medicine 552-8779
    Donna Bennett Senior Associate Director - Sports Medicine 552-4540
    Kristen Allen Associate Director - Sports Medicine 552-4540
    Aaron Clark Associate Director - Sports Medicine 552-1392
    Eric Crest Assistant Director - Sports Medicine 552-0996
    Scott Gallon Associate Director - Sports Medicine 552-8266
    TBA Resident Assistant 552-4828  
    Paul Ucci Resident Assistant 552-4828
    Elicia Turcotte Resident Assistant 552-4828
    Meredith Madden Resident Assistant 552-4828
    Strength and Conditioning 552-4798
    Frank Piraino Head Coach, Football Strength & Conditioning 552-4798
    Scott McLafferty Assistant Coach, Football Strength & Conditioning 552-4798
    James Mangiero Assistant Coach, Football Strength & Conditioning 552-4798
    Russell DeRosa Director, Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Sports 552-2155
    Nicholas Asermelly Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 552-6573
    Tom Shruhan Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 552-2026
    Meghan Tierney Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Conte Forum 552-2994
    Phil Trautwein Intern, Football Strength & Conditioning 552-9208
    Ticket Office 552-3000
    Jim O'Neill Associate Athletics Director - Ticket Operations 552-3000
    Matt Thompson Assistant Ticket Manager 552-3000
    Noreen Foley Ticket Sales Representative 552-3000
    Scott Washburn Ticket Sales Representative 552-3000
    Nathaniel Crutchfield Ticket Sales Representative 552-3560
    Paul Hinrichs Intern, Ticket Office 552-1121
    Outbound Ticket Sales (IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions) 552-8990  
    Brian Jemison General Manager 552-2171
    Errick West Account Executive 552-2170
    Brandon Gilson Account Executive 552-3917
    Mackenzie Rainone Account Executive 552-4057
    Tech / Interactive Media
    Will Gartner
    Director of Athletic Technology and Interactive Media
    John Moore Associate Director - Athletic Interactive Media 552-1185
    Giana Battista Producer - Athletic Interactive Media 552-8892
    Jeffrey Alderson Producer - Athletic Interactive Media 552-8892
    Zachary Levine Interactive Media Intern 552-8892
    Dan Flores Technology Consultant
    Bill Toof Video Production Analyst - Football
    Dan McDermott Video Analyst, Men's Basketball
    Kevin LaBrevque Video Analyst, Women's Basketball
    Athletic Department Coaching Staff
    Baseball 552-1131
    Mike Gambino Head Baseball Coach 552-2674
    Scott Friedholm Assistant Coach 552-1131
    Men's Basketball 552-3006
    Jim Christian Head Coach 552-3006  
    Women's Basketball 552-4530
    Erik Johnson Head Coach    
    Yvonne Hawkins Associate Head Coach 552-4529
    Shelley Sheetz Assistant Coach 552-0613
    Lisa Faulkner Assistant Coach 552-0606
    Chris Brann Director of Operations 552-3747
    Paula Cooper Staff Assistant 552-4530
    Louis Dale Graduate Assistant 552-9135
    Cheerleading 552-3005
    John Gilbert Head Coach
    Stephanie Mangano Assistant Coach
    Men's Cross Country  552-0569
    Matt Kerr Head Coach    
    Timothy Ritchie Assistant Coach
    Women's Cross Country 552-4664
    Randy Thomas Head Coach
    Julie Heyde Assistant Coach 552-3008
    Fencing 552-1048
    Syd Fadner Head Coach
    Brendan Doris-Pierce Assistant Coach 552-1048
    Field Hockey 552-3410
    Ainslee Lamb Head Coach 552-3410
    Kelly Doton Assistant Coach Coach 552-8583
    Football 552-3010
    Steve Addazio Head Coach
    Ryan Day
    Offensive Coordinator
    Don Brown Defensive Coordinator    
    Justin Frye Offensive Line
    Ben Albert Defensive Line
    Frank Leonard Tight Ends
    Todd Fitch Wide Receivers
    Al Washington Running Backs
    Kevin Lempa Secondary
    Sean McGowan Special Teams
    TBA Assistant Recruiting Coordinator    
    Barry Gallup Associate Athletic Director - Football Operations
    Reggie Terry Assistant Athletic Director Football Operations & Player Personnel
    Shane Morin Assistant Director of Football Operations
    Frank Piraino Strength and Conditioning
    Brandon Brown Football Recruiting Support Specialist
    Jerrold Gordon Football Administrator/Social Media Strategist
    Cathy Albano Staff Assistant
    Briah Marra Staff Assistant 552-2010
    Chris Trifone Graduate Assistant
    Nicholas Charlton Graduate Assistant
    Michael Livingston Graduate Assistant
    Rich Gunnell Graudate Assistant
    Kevin Tomaszek Graudate Assistant
    Men's Golf 552-1643
    Drew Kayser Head Coach 552-8759
    Women's Golf 552-8759
    Drew Kayser Head Coach 552-8759
    Bill Poutre Assistant Coach 552-1643
    Men's Ice Hockey 552-3028
    Jerry York Head Coach    
    Greg Brown Assistant Coach    
    Mike Ayers Assistant Coach    
    John Hegarty Director of Hockey Operations
    Christina Coleman Staff Assistant 552-3028
    Women's Ice Hockey 552-3104
    Katie King Crowley Head Coach
    Courtney Kennedy Assistant Coach 552-3104
    Women's Lacrosse 552-8959
    Acacia Walker Head Coach 552-0481
    Alexandra Frank Assistant Coach 552-8959
    Women's Rowing 552-2518
    Steve Fiske Head Coach 552-2518
    Amy Weatherby Assistant Coach 552-8641
    Caitlin Mance Assistant Coach 552-2518
    Sailing 552-1646
    Greg Wilkinson Head Coach    
    Alden Reid Assistant Coach
    Evan Cooke Assistant Coach 552-1646
    Tyler Colvin Assistant Coach 552-1646
    Men's and Women's Skiing 552-1645
    Scott MacPherson Head Coach
    Ben Manter Assistant Coach 552-1645
    Men's Soccer 552-4084
    Ed Kelly Head Coach
    John Murphy Associate Head Coach 552-4085
    Fax Number   552-3148  
    Women's Soccer
    Alison Foley Head Coach    
    Mark McDevitt
    Assistant Coach 552-0982
    Kia McNeill
    Assistant Coach 552-9203
    Softball 552-3107
    Ashley Obrest Head Coach
    Hannah Angel Assistant Coach
    Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving 552-3037
    Tom Groden Head Coach
    Erica Dour Diving Coach
    Mike Stephens Assistant Coach 552-3037
    Men's Tennis 552-3169
    Scott Wilkins Head Coach    
    Women's Tennis 552-3171
    Nigel Bentley Head Coach    
    Kieran Burke Assistant Coach 552-3171
    Men's Track and Field 552-0569
    Matt Kerr Head Coach   
    Timothy Ritchie Assistant Coach
    Women's Track and Field 552-4664
    Randy Thomas Head Coach
    Julie Heyde Assistant Coach 552-3008
    Women's Volleyball 552-4639
    Chris Campbell Head Coach 552-4639
    Edgard Da Gama Assistant Coach 552-1822