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Major Policies/Procedures
  • All students who want to try out for a varsity team must have:
    1. A physical exam on file at University Health Services dated within 6 months of tryout date.
    2. Results of sickle cell trait testing on file at University Health Services.
  • Once tryouts are held, all students who make their respective sport's roster must submit a completed and signed insurance form to Sports Medicine and must receive medical clearance from Sports Medicine on a yearly basis. First time participants must have an Athletic Department physical while returning students must complete the NCAA Health Questionnaire.
  • Sports Medicine is open to all student-athletes who have received medical clearance to participate. Daily hours are posted on a seasonal basis.
  • All athletic injuries or any illness must be reported to an athletic trainer in Sports Medicine in a timely manner to insure that the injury/illness is documented and appropriate care is administered as soon as possible.
  • All medical referrals must be made by either a university physician or an athletic trainer. Any medical referrals without the approval of Sports Medicine and/or a university physician (except in an emergency) will be the financial responsibility of the student-athlete.
  • All treatments will be administered under the direction of a physician and supervised by Sports Medicine personnel. Any taping or wrapping of athletic injuries must be applied by Sports Medicine staff.
  • All injured student-athletes must report for treatments as directed. Failure to keep treatment and/or medical referral appointments will be seen as a lack of desire to return to play. This will be reported to the head coach.
  • Any emergencies that occur during non-business hours of Sports Medicine should be reported to the Boston College Police at 617-552-4444, who will then transport the student to Health Services or St. Elizabeth's Medical Center.
  • Decisions concerning the participation status of an injured student-athlete for a game and/or practice are the sole responsibility of the attending athletic trainer from Sports Medicine. The final authority will be held by the University physician/consultant that is attending to the student-athlete in question.
  • The Athletic Department recognizes that student-athletes may face nutritional issues during tenure at Boston College. With this in mind, the athletic department provides nutritional, medical, and psychological counseling as needed. The athletic department may also perform yearly screenings to assess the nutritional health of the athlete.
  • All student-athletes are required to sign a Boston College Drug Testing Consent Form. (Please refer to the Boston College Athletic Association Testing Policy for further information).