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We Are BC!

 A sense of community, history, loyalty, and a commitment to excellence are some of the qualities which make Boston College a wonderful place. The motto "We Are BC" represents these great qualities. This University-wide initiative promotes a fun, safe and respectful environment for all at Boston College. Through the four tenets of the campaign, Pride, Passion, Respect, and Responsibility, we want your experience at BC, including our students, alumni, visitors, student-athletes and our fans, to be something everyone can take pride in.

"I have always said that Boston College is a truly special place," said Athletic Director Gene Defilippo. "I am extremely proud to be associated with the rich history, the sense of community, and the wonderful memories which happen daily here at the Heights."

Thank you for all you do to make BC gameday an experience we can all be proud of.

We are BC!! Go Eagles!



For Pride • For Passion • For Respect • For Responsibility • For Boston