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Guidelines for Charity Requests

Here in the Boston College Athletic Department, we do our best to fulfill charity requests for a number of organizations throughout the community. Due to the high volume of requests each year and NCAA rules and regulations, we are required to get some very specific information regarding your charity request. We require that each organization fill out our Activity Request Form HERE . In addition, you must send a request on official letterhead from the organization from which the request is being made.

Please note: Donation requests will NOT be approved without the completed request form and an official letter from the organization.

The letter must include:
1) Name of Event
2) Date of Event
3) Location of Event
4) Specific Contact Information (phone, email, fax)
5) Who the proceeds of the event are going to benefit - specify age
6) Mailing Address

Please send your request to:

Boston College Athletic Department
Attn: Maria Knoerr
310 Conte Forum
140 Commonwealth Ave
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Once these components have been included in the letter and you've mailed in our Activity Request form , we can begin to process your request. We will not process requests if any of these elements are missing.

Processing Time

3-4 Weeks
We need this time in order to:
1) Check applicable NCAA regulations and University policies
2) Secure the product

*If you submit a request less than 4 weeks before your event, we will not be able to process your request.

Product Pick-Up

All items must be picked up at the Sports Marketing office located at:
Boston College
238 Conte Forum
140 Commonwealth Ave.
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

*Exceptions will be made for certain out-of-state requests.

Multiple Requests

In order to be fair to other organizations, we ask that you submit only one charity request per year. We try to accommodate as many charities and organizations as possible, and in order to make this possible, we ask for your help by issuing only one request per calendar year.

NCAA Violations

It is a violation of NCAA policy to issue tickets or other promotional items to high school groups, or organizations comprised of youth members aged 14-19 years old. Therefore, we may not issue complimentary tickets or donations of any kind to high school clubs, teams, or other high school-aged groups.

Denied Requests

There are two primary reasons for denial of a request:

NCAA Legislation
(Sample Letter Below)

"I am in receipt of your request for a donation from Boston College. Though we would truly like to be able to support your event, NCAA guidelines do not allow us to do so. NCAA member institutions are not allowed to donate memorabilia or other similar items to groups consisting of prospective student-athletes or groups looking to provide a benefit to prospective student-athletes. (A prospective student-athlete is any individual who has begun classes for the ninth grade.) Such items are considered by the NCAA to be impermissible "offers and inducements" when provided by a member institution to a prospective student-athlete or a group consisting of prospective student-athletes.

On behalf of Boston College we thank you for your interest and wish your program much success."

Out of Area
(Sample Letter Below)

"Thank you for your interest in Boston College Athletics. Unfortunately, due to the increasing volume of requests each year, we are unable to offer a donation at this time. Since demand in the Greater Boston area alone is so great, departmental policy mandates that we consider charity requests from organizations within a fifty mile radius of the Boston College campus.

Thank you again for your inquiry and on behalf of Boston College I would like to wish you and your program the best of luck."

Other reasons for denied requests:
Lack of product to offer
Recently fulfilled a request from the same organization