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Cheer Tryout Information

Cheer hosts tryout sessions each spring and fall to assess the skills, abilities, and potential of interested and qualified candidates. Tryouts are intended to showcase a candidate's technical abilities, skills and showmanship, as well as determine the structure and needs of the team. A short interview with the candidate may be conducted at any time during the tryout.

2015 Fall Tryouts
Tryouts will be held on campus in the early fall. Please check back for more information.

Skill Requirements: Click here to view a sample video.

  • Cheer and Fight Song: Show your motion technique and crowd leading skills using a personal routine.

  • Tumbling:


    • Back handspring
    • Back Tuck
    • Toe Touch-Back handspring or Back Tuck
    • Multiple handsprings
    • Handspring to tuck
    Running tumbling:
    • Tumbling Pass, preferably two

  • Jumps: Sequence of multiple jumps including toe touch and pike jumps

  • Stunts:


    • Toss Stunt
    • Walk-Up Stunt
    • Heel Stretch-Full or Double Down
    • Arabesque 540 cradle
    • Transitional Stunt (2 or more stunt combo)
      *for all girl groups, ensure you are the only one wearing sports bra to demonstrate your stunt position clearly
    • Toss Stunt
    • Walk-Up Stunt
    • Elevated stunt (extension, lib, arabesque, stretch, cupie)
    • Transitional Stunt (2 or more stunt combo)

  • Optional Skills -Highlight your strengths and showcase any skill that was not previously asked of you.

    For questions, please email Coach Boselli at