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Cheer Tryout Information

Cheer will host a tryout session each spring and fall to assess the skills, abilities, and potential of interested and qualified candidates. Tryouts are intended to showcase a candidate's technical abilities, skills and showmanship, as well as determine the structure and needs of the team. A short interview with the candidate may be conducted at any time during the tryout.

2014 Fall Tryouts
Tryouts will be held on-campus in October. Please check back for more information.

2015-2016 Video Tryouts
Cheer will begin accepting video tryouts for the 2015-2016 season beginning March 1, 2015.
Video Requirements: Click here to view a sample video.

Clearly label your video with full name, address, home and cell phone numbers and current email address. (females must wear a sports bra and shorts/males tee shirt and shorts)

  1. Short Introduction: State your name and brief description of your cheer experience. If none, explain why you want to be a Boston College cheerleader.
  2. Cheer and Fight Song: Show your motion technique and crowd leading skills using a personal routine.
  3. Tumbling:
    • Back handspring
    • Back Tuck
    • Toe Touch-Back handspring or Back Tuck
    • Multiple handsprings
    • Handspring to tuck
    Running tumbling:
    • Tumbling Pass, preferably two

  4. Jumps: Sequence of multiple jumps including toe touch and pike jumps
  5. Stunts:
    • Toss Stunt
    • Walk-Up Stunt
    • Heel Stretch-Full or Double Down
    • Arabesque 540 cradle
    • Transitional Stunt (2 or more stunt combo)
      *for all girl groups, ensure you are the only one wearing sports bra to demonstrate your stunt position clearly
    • Toss Stunt
    • Walk-Up Stunt
    • Elevated stunt (extension, lib, arabesque, stretch, cupie)
    • Transitional Stunt (2 or more stunt combo)

  6. Optional Skills -Highlight your strengths and showcase any skill that was not previously asked of you.