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From the Desk of the AD: The Meaning of Postseason

Liv Westphal will represent the Eagles at the NCAA Championships.

Liv Westphal will represent the Eagles at the NCAA Championships.

Nov. 18, 2013

The weekend of November 15-17, 2013:
• Field hockey earns one of only 16 invitations to the NCAA Tournament.
• Women's soccer wins its NCAA Tournament first-round game and advances to play Nebraska.
Liv Westphal earns an invitation to the NCAA Cross Country Championship.
• Football becomes bowl eligible.
• Four of our seven fall sports earn an opportunity to extend their seasons and compete against the very best student-athletes in the nation while representing Boston College!

I often hear reporters ask students and coaches the meaning of earning a postseason invitation and the typical cliché response is: "It means everything!"

Everything? Doesn't that seem a bit dramatic and exaggerated?

Why is a postseason so important? Why do they say it means everything?

We compete to win! Through the process of learning how to win, students acquire a knowledge that will serve them forever. In the hands of a talented coach who develops an athletic curriculum and employs noble pedagogy, winning transcends experience in formational ways. That is why winning with integrity will always be a focal objective for BC Athletics - winning is developmental, and earning a postseason invitation is symbolic of a winning season.

Beyond student formation, winning also promotes the University, creates momentum for other programs, contributes to recruiting, generates media attention, and provides opportunities for Eagle nation to gather together and experience new regions and cultures. Ultimately, the postseason is a reward for a body of work over the course of a regular season that allows the privilege of representing the Boston College community.

But the postseason is merely the beginning of the second season. Enjoy the invitation but don't ever be satisfied! Now the fun starts.

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