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The Story of Baldwin and Baldwin Jr.

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    Back in August of 1961, Boston College received its first live eagle mascot. Margo, which was derived from the first few letters of the school's official colors (maroon & gold), was her name. She would appear at all home football games as well as an occasional away game. Times passed by, as did Margo. Shortly after her passing Boston College decided to adopt a new mascot. Rather than have another live eagle, which became endangered, it was decided that it would be best to replace her with a fan friendly mascot, who could roam throughout Alumni Stadium and Conte Forum attempting to gain and rally the support of the BC fans.

    Throughout the years the mascot has become a big part of the Boston College athletic tradition. In the summer of 2000 the tradition expanded with the adoption of new athletic logos. With this expansion came the evolution of our mascot. Boston College now has two new mascots who go by the name of Baldwin and Baldwin Jr. Baldwin is a 6 1/2-ft. tall mascot with many new eagle like features, including feathers, wings, and a newly designed head. Baldwin Jr. on the other hand is a 9 1/2-ft. tall inflatable mascot, with capabilities of performing many exciting and entertaining feats.

    The name Baldwin was derived from the ever-powerful Bald Eagle. As the national symbol of the United States the Bald Eagle is considered one of the most prestigious and revered birds in the world. The second half of the name comes from the all-familiar theme of Boston College athletics -- Win. The name Baldwin is one of power and prestige, intended to intimidate opponents while inspiring the Eagles.

    It was a brisk autumn morning when a nest was found in the top of Gasson Hall. At the bottom of this nest an egg lay unattended. Attached to the egg was a note, which read as follows:

      It is time for change and with change comes good things. It is time for me to move on. I am leaving you here today, but a piece of me will be with you forever. Nurture and develop this egg as you so kindly did to me. It is time for me to move on but I can not do so without leaving a very special part of myself behind. Baldwin will be his name and representing BC in the highest regards will be his duty. I will check in from time to time to see how things are going and I can assure you one thing, you will be happy with the presence of Baldwin!

      Sincerely yours,

    Soon after Baldwin matured into a respectful mascot, BC was then blessed by the appearance of Baldwin Jr. It occurred one windy, Sunday afternoon when a blimp from near by Foxboro Stadium drifted out of control towards the Heights. As Baldwin carefully watched the stray blimp approach, it was obvious that there was going to be a collision. Baldwin instinctively exited Gasson Hall looking for help. When Baldwin returned there were signs of a collision and at the bottom of the nest an egg was deposited. Within hours the egg had hatched into a tiny inflatable eagle bearing no name. Instantly Baldwin gave this tiny mascot its' name. Baldwin declared that from that moment on this inflatable counterpart would roam the Heights and be known as Baldwin Jr. To Baldwin's surprise Baldwin Jr. has evolved into a 9 1/2-ft. tall partner.

    From their cozy nest located at the top of Gasson Hall, Baldwin & Baldwin Jr. make their usual appearances to the many exciting events, which take place throughout the year at BC. Their purpose is like instinct to them, having been instilled within their mascot heritage from generation to generation. Roaming throughout Conte Forum, Alumni Stadium and parking lots before, during and after sporting events brings them tremendous amounts of satisfaction. Sometimes they are called on to generate extra enthusiasm, excitement and support during big moments of the game.

    With their home perched high atop of Gasson Hall they are given a distinct advantage. They sense when their presence is needed and with one swift, gliding motion Baldwin & Baldwin Jr. appear as if having been summoned by the BC faithful. In no time at all they are able to generate excitement beyond belief. With the support and effort of Baldwin & Baldwin Jr., Boston College Athletics soar to new heights every season.

    It is with great pleasure that these two new mascots have been added to the legend of Margo. It is now their duty to lead BC to victory. As the Boston College community evolves, so does the legend of the mascot. Baldwin & Baldwin Jr. will be around for years to come supporting and encouraging the Athletes and Fans of Boston College.