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From the Desk of the AD: A Plethora of Resources


Sept. 30, 2013

Boston College is the 31st ranked school in U.S. News and World Report again this year. That number is incredibly impressive when you consider the multitude of institutions considered in the methodology of the ranking and is grounded in reputation, quality of the education, prestige of the degree, resources of the institution and rigor of the curricula. At the heart of such rankings is leadership and quality faculty; Boston College excels in both domains!

Too often we forget about the tremendous talent contained on our own campus. We somehow have come to feel legitimized by outsourcing or hiring external consultants to guide us through processes when world-renown faculty reside in the buildings next door to Conte and they hold data-driven analytics that can best inform our planning.

I came to Boston College with high expectations for our faculty and they have far exceeded those expectations. From world-class leadership theory authorities to planning expertise to pricing experts to finance geniuses to legal masterminds to communications prodigies to pedagogical superstars to marketing artists to physiological gurus - The Heights is filled with extraordinary individuals with exceptional talents, experiences and expertise. What a gold mine of wealth for an athletics department.

We have set out to utilize this human capital in ways that best serve our students, alums, customers and staff. We have been fortunate to engage campus deans, chairs, professors, administrators and staff in ways that have already improved our leadership development, career placement, recruiting, strategic planning, asset pricing, facility design, personnel alignment, staff growth, game-day experience, budgetary assumptions and - most importantly - student formation. Having a campus of extremely intelligent practitioners with a noble interest in human development provides an abundance of opportunity. In many ways, our growth as a department utilizing the talents of our prestigious faculty parallels in a macro way the maturation of our students utilizing those same talents of our prestigious faculty.

We are just getting started!

We are extraordinarily grateful for the willingness of our faculty and staff to allow us to tap into their expertise in ways that best serve Boston College Athletics and will continue to take advantage of the remarkable talent of this tremendous University. As our past, present and future students will forever attest, Boston College provides the pathway to opportunity and excellence.