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From the Desk of the AD: Flynn Fund Appreciation Week

Former AD Bill Flynn left a legacy at BC.

Former AD Bill Flynn left a legacy at BC.
Aug. 18, 2014 Bill Flynn was Boston College's Director of Athletics for 34 years and established an extraordinary foundation that we have inherited while establishing lofty standards of achievement that we strive daily to achieve. His legacy is forever inspiring and he is one of the iconic figures in the history of Boston College. Of the many ways Boston College honors his name was the establishment of the William J. Flynn Fund that invests in the development and formation of our students. Since its inception in 1998, Flynn Fund members have committed nearly $300 million to support student formation and growth and we are extremely grateful.

We work in the business of human development and the primary target of our focus is students. As with any meaningful endeavor, an investment in the development of people requires teachers, coaches, facilitators, graduate assistants, laboratories, literature, technology, experiential and intellectual curricula, internships, practicums, academic and athletic curricula, team and group work, competition, leadership and ethics and service. Each component requires resources and the Flynn Fund ensures that our students are provided with an exceptional opportunity to develop into strong leaders. We have the advantage of seeing the impact of your investment - the maturation from recruited high school student to naïve freshman; from adjusting sophomore to influential junior; from inspiring senior to proud alum. We see our students engaging daily in new challenges that push them well beyond areas of comfort as they strive to be better scholars, athletes, servers and leaders through trial and error, success and failure, competition and cooperation.

Today marks the beginning of our annual Flynn Fund Appreciation Week. Sure, there is a very strong element of the Flynn Fund that is financially focused; without your gifts, we would not be able to maximize student development in meaningful ways that align with our Jesuit values. But if you believe in building "Champions" in all aspects of life; if you believe in a model of intercollegiate athletics grounded in intellectual engagement simultaneous to a service commitment and athletic distinction; if you believe in not compromising values or that winning with integrity is important; if you believe in the holistic formation of student leaders who make future endeavors better than discovered, then the Boston College Flynn Fund is a noble and worthy investment in our future.

Bill Flynn's legacy lives daily and we are grateful for your leadership with our program and investment in our students and future!

Thank YOU!