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From the Desk of the AD: Fall Camp

Football camp is underway at the Heights.

Football camp is underway at the Heights.
Aug. 6, 2014

The cycle of every year makes for a diversity of experiences, a change of seasons, yearly traditions and holidays as well as annual rituals. We move from college bowls to the Super Bowl; March Madness to commencement; Lord Stanley's Cup and the NBA playoffs to MLB season; from the Masters and Wimbledon to the Tour de France, and in some years we are fortunate to also have the World Cup or the Olympics, all as markers of another year passed and another year of possibilities emerging. It's a micro-cycle symbolic of a lifetime filled with hopes and dreams, experiences and relationships, traditions and innovations, successes and failures, passions and emotions.

The New Year's Day of college athletics is Fall Camp!

This week marks the beginning of the 2014-15 collegiate sports season with the Boston College football team reporting this past Sunday and both soccer teams, volleyball, field hockey and both cross country teams subsequently coming back to The Heights. Sure, most of these students have been attending summer school while training for the fall season, but there is something different in the air - call it an energy, an intensity, an acceleration of time - when fall camp begins. The clock toward the first game ticks faster; final preparations for the new video board, hosting, game operations, tickets, national television, local media, band practice all quicken.

While fall camp signals the official end of summer for those working in college athletics, the transition is welcomed with an enthusiasm consistent to other milestones - a gratefulness for the experiences of the previous year and an inspired anticipation for the opportunities of the coming year. The metaphorical "New Year's resolutions" revolve around competitive objectives and encompass individuals and teams establishing goals as individuals, teams and a department. The reality of an immediacy of competition surpasses the slower pace of the summer just as January emerges from the holiday season of December.

There are certain experiences in life that seem to never be so routine that they are taken for granted - being on Alumni Field, singing "For Boston" after a touchdown, watching the team emerge from the tunnel, tailgating on Shea Field, the Eagle Walk, and watching Monday morning's first fall camp practice of the year is just as energizing as the first one I observed in my youth.

One of the advantages of having an office that looks into Alumni Stadium is to see all the people - tourists, alums, students, community members, faculty, families - who come into the stadium during the summer and simply stand in awe of the history, tradition and magnitude of the experience. Most take pictures while on the field and you can see them reflecting on their own personal BC memories. Some reenact famous plays from our past, others simply play catch for a few moments, and still others just want to run into the end zone or roll-around on the turf. Regardless of the many ways people enjoy Alumni Stadium, they all share a common passion for Boston College. Fall camp reignites months-dormant emotions and memories that enhance our transition to the 2014-15 season.

Happy New Year!