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BC Dance Team

The BC Marching Band offers exciting opportunities for visual performance. The Color Guard and Dance Team contribute style, color, and movement to the performances. These hard working and enthusiastic sections learn challenging routines and perform with the band both on and off the football field. Members of the Color Guard must have previous experience, but auditions are not required. Interested students may register immediately.

Dancers must audition to become a member of the team. Interested dancers can audition through the mail by submitting a videotape, photo, letter of recommendation from a dance instructor, and a resume of dance experience along with the application. The audition deadline for the 2001-2002 Marching Band Dance Team is June 15, 2001.

The video must include:
1. Double pirouette right and left (inside or outside, preferably parallel/jazz position)
2. Grand jetes (leaps) right and left
3. Straight legged High Kicks (shoulder or higher) right AND left, front AND side - hands on hips or in second position
4. Splits Right, Left and Center
5. Toe Touches
6. Any other leaps you are strong in

Based upon the review of this material, dancers will be invited to participate in the BC Marching Band and can then register. Send us an e-mail at , or call us at (617)-552-3018 for more specific dance audition information.