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From the Desk of the AD: Competing with Living Rooms

Installation of the new video boards has begun at Alumni Stadium.

Installation of the new video boards has begun at Alumni Stadium.

June 17, 2014

Boston College parent Al Kelly was President and Chief Executive Officer of the 2014 NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee, the organization that presented Super Bowl XLVIII last February. While Al and his staff did an exceptional job of hosting this extraordinary event in a northern climate, I watched the game from the comfort of my living room and although the game was not close, it was enjoyable. The cost was cheap, parking proximate and the weather was perfect with a thermostatically controlled temperature of my choosing. There was plenty of food merely a refrigerator away with no waiting lines and benign customer service. The restroom was just down the hall and my wifi worked throughout the game. The TV projected images in high definition, the audio was clear and almost every play had slow motion replays allowing me to assess every detail and discuss with friends. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

Living rooms are our competition!

As we prepare for the upcoming season, we are framing our game experience against our living rooms; we must provide a very affordable experience that appeals to a diversity of demographics. From parking to food options to in-game entertainment, we will continually look to make improvements. We are competing against your garage by searching for new options for proximate parking for season ticket holders or convenient shuttle drop-off locations with expedited and friendly service for those who prefer public transportation. We continue to seek food and beverage options that satisfy the traditionalist with hot dogs, yet offer unique foods that enhance the experience in a variety of activities from tailgating to hospitality tents. We are auditing our restrooms this summer in response to our fans' suggestions in terms of utilities, cleanliness and pedestrian flow. We are replacing our entire Alumni Stadium speaker system this summer to direct the sound as precisely as possible to each seat in the stadium. We continue to work with our internal and external staff to improve our customer service, attitude and fan engagement. The ACC recently changed legislation that will allow us to show multiple replays after each play.

AND, if you get the chance to visit Alumni Stadium this summer you will notice that construction is underway for a new video board and LED wrap-around panel that will illuminate the venue with numerous visual sensations; the University has chosen to make a significant investment to enhance your experience. The new video board will be twice the size of the previous board and the wrap-around panel will be a significant upgrade from static advertisements and motionless promotions. Replays will be prominent, highlights frequent, promotions entertaining and all will be experienced in high definition. What a perfect year to have our first two home games selected for evening kickoffs; the night games will feature our new video boards in magnificent ways.

The new boards symbolically and literally represent our commitment to beating the living room experience.

We may not have a thermostat that can control the temperature, but we have what a living room can never replicate - memories! From a creative and engaged student section next to a high-energy GOLD section to a non-stop marching band to showcasing celebrity alums to homecoming to tailgating to the Eagle Walk down the steps from Gasson to prime-time Saturday night hosting Pittsburgh and USC to seeing our live Eagle mascot prior to the game to the thrill of singing the fight song or high-fiving your best friend after a BC touchdown to walking on the field after the final game of the season to watching replays on our new video-board...

Pleasant is not necessarily memorable! Nothing appeals to all the senses better than attending a sporting event in person!