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Eagles Receive High APR Marks

May 25, 2011

Boston College's varsity sports teams scored big this week when the NCAA released its annual Academic Progress Rate report. The average APR score of the 28 BC teams that were counted was 989 - 19 points above the national average (970). Every BC team scored 960 or above, and six teams - men's fencing, men's golf, men's skiing, women's lacrosse, women's skiing and women's tennis - scored a perfect 1,000.

Boston College's football team scored a 971 - a full 25 points above the national average. The men's basketball team scored a 972 - 27 points above the national average.

"Boston College is, above all, an academic institution," Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo said. "Obviously we want to field competitive sports teams, and we want to win, which our teams do. But when we recruit student-athletes, we tell them they have an opportunity to receive a degree from one of the greatest universities in the country, and our mission is to ensure that they are successful. Once again, we are very proud of our student-athletes' accomplishments in the classroom."

Boston College fields teams in 31 varsity men's and women's sports; the NCAA does not include men's and women's sailing in the report, and BC's women's fencing score was not counted as the team consisted totally of non-scholarship walk-ons.

Every Division I sports team calculates its APR each academic year, based on the eligibility and retention of each scholarship student-athlete. Teams scoring below certain thresholds can face penalties, such as scholarship losses and restrictions on practice and competition. Rates are based on the past four years' performance. Each scholarship student-athlete may earn one point for being eligible and one point for retention per semester for a total of four points per academic year. The total points are then divided by the number of potential points each team could have earned. That percentage is then multiplied by 1000 to provide each team with its APR. The NCAA has established 925 as the cut-off mark. Any team below that standard may be subject to penalties.

Overall, the Atlantic Coast Conference's sports teams are among the most successful in the classroom. The average of all ACC teams exceeded 980.