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From the Desk of the AD: Ever Excelling

Erika Reineke

Erika Reineke

Jan. 17, 2014

Imagine a campus where - regardless of the sport - you have a student who is one of the greatest athletes in the nation. Imagine just having one student on your campus whose performance equals some of the greatest in the history of college athletics and stands out amongst their contemporaries. Imagine having one of the very best student-athletes in the nation who simultaneously competes intellectually against some of the brightest minds in the nation in a rigorous and therefore prestigious curriculum.

Surely no school would have the good fortune to have two of the greatest athletes in their sport - or three. Or four - at the same time?

On November 4, 2012 Boston College freshman Erika Reineke won the Sailing Singlehanded National Championship. Twelve months later she successfully defended her National Championship.

On Friday night, April 12, 2013, Boston College forward Johnny Gaudreau attended the Hobey Baker Award ceremony as one of the nation's top three collegiate hockey players.

On Saturday night, December 14, 2013, Boston College running back Andre Williams attended the Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York City as one of the nation's best collegiate football players.

Andre Williams

On New Year's Day, 2014, Boston College forward Alex Carpenter was named to the United States of America Olympic Hockey team, one of only seven team members to have remaining collegiate eligibility, and can therefore, be considered one of the top seven collegiate players in the nation.

For a university to have one of the greatest athletes in their sport once in a lifetime is a testament to the institution, diploma, alums, culture, faculty, assets, coaches and students. To experience one of the premier athletes once a decade is an extraordinary tribute to a university.

Four Boston College Eagles earning one of the most esteemed degrees in the nation; four of the very best athletes in the nation in their sport.

Together on The Heights!

Happy 2014!