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Dear Friends of Boston College Athletics,
I am pleased to welcome you to the Boston College Compliance Website.
One of our most important goals at Boston College is to run a program that is totally compliant with all Conference and NCAA rules and regulations. We take this mission very seriously; there is no room for error.
Our administrators, coaches, staff, and student-athletes have worked very hard to develop a program that represents Boston College with class and dignity at all times. To achieve this goal, we must play by the rules, and we will play by the rules.
In case you have not seen it, the NCAA Manual is one thick book. We are fortunate to have a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals in place to ensure that we adhere to all policies and procedures related to student-athlete eligibility, recruiting, travel, academics, and many other topics.
The goal of this website is to educate you about our rules and regulations and to keep you abreast of important topics related to Compliance. I hope you will frequent this website for updated compliance information.

Carly Pariseau,
Associate Athletics Director for Compliance
Jerron Pearson,
Associate Director for Compliance and Elegibility
Francie Pronovost,
Assistant Director for Compliance/Recruiting
Yadira Reyes,
Compliance Assistant
Our mission is to provide guidance to the entire Boston College community with regard to the rules, regulations, and standards which mandate integrity and fair play in all our affairs.
Above all else, we exist to promote and protect the health and well-being of our Student-Athletes, our Department of Athletics, and the Institution.
Boston College's Compliance Staff Reminds You To: "ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!"
Carly Pariseau
Associate Athletics Director - Compliance
(617) 552-6210
Jerron Pearson
Associate Director for Compliance and Eligibility
(617) 552-1916
Francie Pronovost
Assistant Director - Compliance & Recruiting
(617) 552-8570
Yadira Reyes
Compliance Assistant
(617) 552-4518
(617) 552-8786 (Fax)