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In order to be eligible for practice and competition, every prospective student-athlete needs to meet NCAA Eligibility Center certification standards. The following step-by-step list shows how easy it is to go through the process:
  1. Register with the Eligibility Center here. Remember to save your Eligibility Center code and password.
  2. Have your SAT scores sent directly from the testing agency to the Eligibility Center. (Note that test scores cannot be sent from the high school or the student. The SAT source code for the Eligibility Center is "9999").
  3. Have your high school forward your final high school transcript with proof of graduation to the Eligibility Center IMMEDIATELY following your high school graduation.
  4. Check your Eligibility Center status periodically to find out what items are missing and take care of the issues IMMEDIATELY! Also, stay in good communication with your coach regarding your Eligibility Center status.
  5. If you have a need for a fee waiver, ask your high school guidance counselor to submit a letter on your behalf directly to the Clearinghouse stating that you have a need for a fee waiver. The only requirements are that this letter has to be on school letterhead and has to be signed by a school official like a guidance counselor or a principal. This letter can be faxed or mailed.
  6. After high school graduation log back in to the Eligibility Center to finalize your amateurism answers.
  7. Remember that a lot of prospective student-athletes are also going through this process at the same time and this overload can make the Eligibility Center process slow; therefore, make sure to act early and take care of any issues right away!
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Boston College's Compliance Staff Reminds You To: "ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!"
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