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July 2015
Southern Mississippi receives a serious Notice of Allegations

Southern Miss' Men's Basketball program was served a Notice of Allegations in late July, which included seven Level I violations, the most serious of accusations. The violations ranged from basketball staff members completing junior college work for prospective students (and eventual student athletes) to the coach providing thousands of dollars in cash to players. However, the allegations are centered around former Head Coach Donnie Tyndall and his staff, and do not include an accusation of a lack of institutional control. Tyndall left Southern Miss in 2014.


June 2015
Alabama Self-Reported 13 secondary violations, five from the football department

Alabama's football program self-reported five secondary-level violations from July 2014 - June 2015, which range from accidental texts to allowing an academic non-qualifier to practice and work out with the team. While that freshman has had to seek reinstatement, that is the only real impact to Alabama from the violations.

May 2015
Michigan State Self-Reports Four Level III NCAA Violations

Michigan's football program reported that it had four secondary violations occur during the first four month's of Jim Harbaugh's career as head coach there. All four are considered unintentional, due to Harbaugh's inexperience with NCAA rules. The football staff has now been educated by the Compliance Staff, and no student-athlete or coach was affected in regards to eligibility.

April 2015
Oklahoma State receives a one-year probation in response to violations by the football program

Following an investigation, the NCAA concluded that the Oklahoma State athletics department did not follow its own drug testing policy, and the Orange Pride student group hosted impermissible activities for both unofficial and official visits. In response, Oklahoma State will face a one-year probation, ending on April 23, 2016 and $8,500 in fines, in addition to other, university-imposed restrictions. The university said it was satisfied with both the thoroughness of the investigation and the fairness of the outcome.

March 2015
OSU's QB Braxton Miller could be in danger of NCAA Violations

In late March, one of OSU's three quarterbacks, Braxton Miller, posted a picture on Instagram of him and his trainer framing Advocare products, a type of nutritional supplement. Because the picture (which has since been removed) appears to be an endorsement of the product, something which NCAA student-athletes are not allowed to do, Miller could be facing NCAA violations. OSU Athletics say they are looking into the matter.

February 2015
NCAA puts West Virginia on probation for recruiting violations

After West Virginia self-reported 14 incidences of recruiting violations, including impermissible texts and calls, the NCAA is placing them under a two-year probation and recruiting restrictions. The violations, which occurred from June 2010 through February 2013, consist of Level II and Level III infractions, and span over 14 sports. The school claims the coaches involved did not fully understand the recruiting communication rules, nor did they know how to use their compliance software.

January 2015
UH Men's Basketball faces serious NCAA Violations

The University of Hawaii's Men's Basketball program, along with several of its coaches, is being charged with Level I and II violations, the most severe of the four possible levels. The Notice of Allegations is due to a January 2014 report by UH regarding possible admissions-related violations. If upheld, the program could receive a postseason ban and scholarship reductions, among other sanctions.

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