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Dear Sports Agent / Financial Advisor,

The purpose of this website is to make you aware of Boston College's Agent Program, which was developed to help you understand NCAA and Boston College rules and regulations regarding agents/financial advisors.

As an Institution, Athletics Department, and Compliance Office, our primary focus is on the student. With that being said, we have established a Professional Sports Counseling Panel that will serve in an advisory role for our student-athlete population. The panel will work in conjunction with applicable professional organizations, agents, and advisors with the intent to promote and protect our student-athlete's well-being. Therefore, we ask that you respectfully comply with our outlined rules surrounding agent/financial advisor interaction with our student-athletes and their family members.

Registering with the program is the first step and it is easy-just follow the steps listed below.

In closing, my staff looks forward to working with you. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and assistance with this program. If you have any questions, please contact me directly


Carly Pariseau
Associate Athletics Director for Compliance



  1. Must register and re-register with the BC Compliance Office yearly.


  2. If a registered agent wants specific student-athletes to receive his/her materials, the agent must provide all the materials to the Compliance Office as it should be delivered to the student-athlete. It should be in an open envelope or a copy of the materials should also be provided for Compliance to review. Compliance WILL NOT distribute if the agent does not provide it to Compliance in this fashion.


  3. Agents are NOT allowed to be on a student-athlete's game day admissions pass list.


  4. Student-athletes will forfeit their remaining eligibility if they enter into a verbal or written agreement with an agent.


  5. Members of the Professional Sports Counseling Panel include: Carly Pariseau, Warren Zola, and Bob Taggart. The Panel is available for meetings and those may be arranged through the Compliance Office. Warren Zola, Chair, can be contacted by phone at (617) 552-1536 or via email at

How to get registered in order to be able to work with a BC Student-Athlete:


  1. Register each year, regardless of whether you registered the previous year.


  2. Download the yearly agent registration forms here: Boston College Agent Registration Form or Boston College Agent Renewal Form


  3. Return the necessary forms to the BC Compliance Office via email, fax, or regular mail.


  4. The Compliance Office will send a confirmation email as soon as possible to the registering agent.


  5. The agent should then forward the materials they want distributed to the student-athlete(s) to the Compliance Office in an envelope addressed to each individual student-athlete.


  6. Compliance will distribute all properly registered agents' materials to the student-athletes at the appropriate time.

Boston College's Compliance Staff Reminds You To: "ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!"
Carly Pariseau
Associate Athletics Director - Compliance
(617) 552-6210
Jerron Pearson
Associate Director for Compliance and Eligibility
(617) 552-1916
Francie Pronovost
Assistant Director - Compliance & Recruiting
(617) 552-8570
Yadira Reyes
Compliance Assistant
(617) 552-4518
(617) 552-8786 (Fax)