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Tony Abell (Bethesda MD): Wouldn't BC be better off with a more rigorous non-conference football schedule? Notre Dame is on for 4 years starting next year, but how about developing a long-term relationship with peer schools with strong athletic programs(i.e., Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Stanford)?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: We play a very, very difficult eight-game ACC schedule every year. We cannot and will not play an entire out-of-conference schedule that features the same types of teams. I remember when I got here in 1997, the football team had had seven losing seasons in the previous 10 years. In 1995, Boston College played Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame and finished with a record of 4 wins and 8 losses. We're going to continue to play a marquee game with our non-conference schedule, but the remainder of the teams will be similar to those we have been playing in past years.

John (Cambridge): Hello sir, After seeing a terrific football season end with a victory in a bowl game that was perhaps a little less than we deserved, how pleased are you with the change in the Bowl seeding system in the ACC?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: I think the change in the ACC bowl seeding process is a terrific thing for BC. Now, more than ever, bowl preference will be decided on the playing field rather than by how many fans a team is projected to bring. We are very happy and pleased with the new system.

Megan Denver CO: What are your predictions for the fall teams this year going into the second year of the ACC?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: I never make predictions prior to the season. We go into every game thinking that we're going to win. I've never gone into a game in any sport thinking we would lose.

Tom Grace Swoyersville, PA: Dear Gene: I am a 1986 BC graduate and have a been a college football journalist and now a pro hockey play-by-play announcer for the past 15 years. I have covered both Florida Gators and Texas Longhorns football full time. My question is this, of all the places I've ever been to cover a college or pro game (U. Florida, Tennessee, Southern Cal, Texas, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Mich. Penn State etc.) Nothing compares to the magic atmosphere at LSU Tiger Stadium. Do you see us ever scheduling a home-and-home with the Tigers? Thanks for taking my question.
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: I agree with you that LSU's Tiger Stadium is one of the great venues for football. We have had talks with LSU recently, but nothing has been finalized at this point.

Francona (Yawkey Way): When does the baseball facility break ground and what's the expected completion date?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: A baseball field and a softball field are very important to us. We are studying those at the present time. Those are part of the University's strategic plan, but I cannot give you a completion date at this point.

Bocephus: Why are you afraid of Texas?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: We are not afraid of Texas or any other school. We will continue to play out-of-conference marquee teams. Texas did not contact Boston College. It was Boston College who contacted Texas about playing a game. We thought we had the dates worked out, but then, because of some changes, it did not work.

Dave (Shelton, Ct.): What non conference opponents will the football team in the near future? What is the status of the Notre Dame game after the 2007 season?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: We will play Notre Dame in 2007 and 2009 in South Bend. They will return to Alumni Stadium in 2008 and 2010. After 2010, Notre Dame does not wish to play BC any longer, so there are no future games with Notre Dame on our schedule.

Ron (Windham, NH): I am one who believes the football helmets would look great with the interlocked BC logo on them. Has any thought been given to this? I understand the history of plain gold, but feel this is better suited for Notre Dame.
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: No, we haven't given any thought to the interlocking BC logo on the helmets. We really like our helmets the way they are.

David (Manchester, MA): Is the school in discussions with the ACC to bring back Varsity Men's Lacrosse- if so, what is a potential timetable? The club team has been nationally recognized for the last 4 years and recieves credible interest from high schools around the US.
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: There are no plans to bring back varsity men's lacrosse. Of the 12 institutions in the ACC, only four offer men's varsity lacrosse, and none of those four sponsor a men's or women's hockey team. We currently have 31 sports programs, the most in the ACC.

Chuck (West Des Moines, IA): Will you describe the renovations to be completed in Conte Forum?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: During the last two summers, we have refurbished every office and every locker room in Conte Forum. We have also upgraded our weight room and numerous other areas throughout Conte Forum. Having great facilities is most important in recruiting great student-athletes, and we must always be working to improve our facilities.

chris nihan: i am the biggest bc basketball fan in my school which is peabody mass. what bothers me is how bc isnt as packed as other colleges except for the duke games... what are u going to do to increase the amount of people and the atmosphere of the game?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: There are no plans to increase seating in Conte Forum. Believe me, the atmosphere at the Duke basketball game last season was as good as any I've ever been a part of, and I spent seven years at the University of Kentucky. It's apparent to me that our fans know how to create that type of atmosphere. Now, let's hope they'll do it each and every game, like it's done at many other institutions.

Phil Di Calogero: Now that you are a member of the ACC, Do you think you can recruit more and better players from the south?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: Now that we are a member of the ACC, and we have improved our facilities in all sports, we're very confident we can recruit better players from every area of the country, not just from the south. Our recruiting has truly been enhanced the past year or two, and I hope it will continue to get better each year.

Bill (Atlanta): 3. Can you clarify the ACC bowl arrangement? It seems that if the majority of teams are 5-3 and 4-4 in conference that BC will still fall to the least desirable bowls. Was there any discussion of not forcing a team to a certain bowl in consecutive years?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: In the new ACC bowl agreement, there is a strong desire on the part of the conference not to send teams to a particular bowl in consecutive years. This policy is prevalent in most other conferences as well.

Tennis Alum (NYC): What do you think about the fact that the tennis teams have to play their home matches at Harvard and clubs in the area? Is anything in the works to fix this?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: I certainly wish we had a facility that allowed us to play our home tennis matches here on the BC campus, but that's not the case. When we build a new recreational complex, we'll be certain to address this situation.

Cowboy Jack: Why are there so many Assistant & Associate Athletic Directors? It seems that the BC Athletic Dept has become a bigger hack enclave than the Big Dig!
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: I don't know anything about the Big Dig, other than what I've read in the papers. But many of the major college athletics departments employ many, many more people than does ours here at Boston College.

KMG (NC): Are you directly responsible for the retention of assistants on staff?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: Each head coach selects their own assistants, as they need to work with people they trust and with whom they feel comfortable. The assistants report directly to the head coach and not to the director of athletics.

Ginger: When referring to the BC football program, you have stated in the past that “we are what we are.” This has been construed by many to mean that you are content with the current state of the BC football and do not want for more. Is this accurate? If not, what on-field accomplishments would you like to see in the near future.
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: I don't ever recall saying "we are what we are", I think that quote belongs to Bill Parcells. What I have said, and continue to say, is that we want to be the very best BC we can be. I think that is awfully darn good.

ned newton: why reward treachery and dishonesty by playing syracue? they were behind the bogus and defamatory lawsuit the big east filed in 2003. BE officials should never be allowed to work at bc it cheats the atheletes.let them experience corruption after they leave3 bc
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: We're in discussions with Syracuse on an eight-year contract to play football on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, as this would give us a true eastern rival. Syracuse was never a part of the law suit and I feel it's time to move on and leave the past in the past.

Joe (Easton): Now that the dust has settled on the conference realignment, is there any chance that the football series with UConn will be renewed? It seems that a series between the only division 1A teams in New England is a natural.
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: There are no plans to play UConn in football or in basketball any time in the near future.

Chris (Melrose): Gene: The move to the ACC has been great and the athletic dept. is probably in the best place it has been in the history of BC sports. HOWEVER... after a year in the ACC, our dismal tailgating situation is really being exposed as other teams' fans come to BC only to be greated by locked gates, police presence and traffic jams. I can understand having a limit on post-game tailgate time. However, I don't see the issue of opening the gates early in the morning to allow people to arrive when they want. This would reduce the traffic jams around the stadium (which would make the neighbors happy) and - I believe - would give people a better opportunity to get into the game for kick off. Just a thought....
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: Boston College is the only school I know of that must apply for an entertainment license in order to play its football games. Tailgating hours have been and will continue to be determined by the city of Boston and Boston College. Last year, the city of Boston allowed us to increase tailgating 30 minutes in pregame. We will be announcing this year's tailgating hours and plans very shortly.

Boston: Do you feel your institution has lost it's moral compass with your "show us your money" practices. What a wonderful example you are to young people as you help shape their morals?
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: I really don't know what you're speaking of, but I do know the move to the Atlantic Coast Conference was about much more than just money. Of the 12 schools in the ACC, six of those institutions are ranked among the top 41 academic institutions in the country, according to US News and World Report. That was one of the prime reasons we moved to the ACC.
BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo: Thank you all for joining us today. We'll conduct another one of these chats in the near future.

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