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Donor-Based Seating-FAQ's

Q: Why does Boston College utilize Donor-Based Seating?

A: Donor-based seating is used to help with the University's need to fund our athletic scholarships as well as an overwhelming demand for prime basketball and football season tickets. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to help reward the most generous donors to BC Athletics.

Q: I have season tickets in both basketball and football. Does that mean I have to make an additional gift?

A: No. If your gift for football and/or basketball covers the requested amount in each respective sport, you do not have to make separate contributions.

Example: You give $4,000 for four basketball tickets and are asked to make a $2,000 gift for your four football tickets. Your yearly contribution need only be $4,000 to cover both sports.

Q: If I am already a Flynn Fund donor, do I need to make an additional gift?

A: If your annual Flynn Fund contribution meets the requested donation amount, you are not required to make an additional gift.

Q: I support other areas of the University; am I required to make a gift to the Flynn Fund also?

A: Yes. Gifts to the Flynn Fund support athletic scholarships. Similar to how football parking works, we request that you make a gift to the Flynn Fund as it relates to Donor-Based Seating.

Q: Does my Flynn Fund gift include ticket prices?

A: No. Tickets are sold separately and are an additional purchase through the ticket office.

Q: If I choose not to make a gift, what are my options for seats?

A: If you choose not to make a donation, we will make every effort to provide you with ticket options elsewhere in the arena where donations are not required. Please note, available seats are limited and moves cannot be guaranteed..

Q: Will the annual required donation rate increase in the future?

A: This policy is reviewed periodically and we will make adjustments as necessary. In the three years of Donor-Based Seating the required donation rates have not been increased.

Q: Can I transfer my seats?

A: No. There is a no transfer policy in ALL sports.

Q: What are the tax implications of Donor Based Seating?

A: The Internal Revenue Code states that if seating priority for an athletic event held at BC is accepted as a direct result of a gift, the donor's gift shall be deductible at 80% of the amount contributed. Please consult your tax advisor.

Q: As long as I make the minimum Flynn Fund donation, will I have the same seats?

A: Yes. We will inform all season ticket holders on an annual basis what is required to maintain seat locations. Your seats will not be moved if you make the required gift.

Q: If I split tickets with other people, can we split the required donation as well?

A: No. The ticket holder of record must also make the gift.

Q: Can I write one check for both my tickets and my donation?

A: No. We request that these transactions be made separately; however, you may use a credit card for both transactions.

Q: Are only gifts to the Flynn Fund accepted? What about program specific, scholarships, capital gifts?

A: All gifts designated to athletics will be considered for Donor Based-Seating.

Q: Will gifts for Donor-Based Seating satisfy requirements for parking in basketball, hockey and football?

A: Yes. Your gift will be applied to parking in basketball, football and hockey.

Dates to Remember
February Football Season Ticket Renewals Mailed
March 24 Football Season Ticket Payment Deadline
May 31 End of our Fiscal Year
  Deadline for ALL Donor-Based Seating Gifts
July/August Basketball Season Ticket Renewals Mailed
August Football Season Tickets Mailed
October Basketball Season Tickets Mailed